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Independent Omnitrition Distributor Launches Online Store Providing Weight Loss Solutions

January 25, 2012

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla., Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Florida-based Independent Omnitrition Distributor, Gayle Sibat, has launched an electronic commerce (e-commerce) Web site providing weight loss solutions through Omnitrition’s product line: www.Omni4Me.com.

“Our entire family has been using Omnitrition® Dietary, Health, and Nutritional Supplements for quite some time now. We’ve gained amazing health results, and have managed to trim down as well! It’s about time we share these great products with others and let them know they really do work,” said founder of www.Omni4Me.com, Gayle Sibat.

Sibat, who was once a size 22 and is now a size 4, discovered Omnitrition® after learning about the products through a friend. She continues to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle and shares the products with as many people as she can. Omni4Me.com also shares real testimonials and weight loss accomplishments from many others that have tried the products.

Sibat added, “When your metabolism is functioning correctly, diet and exercise can draw from the correct areas, but most people today have a metabolism that is not working to capacity due to years of eating the wrong foods, yo-yo dieting or medical issues. We look forward to sharing our products with those people!”

Products found on Omni4Me.com include solutions for anti-aging, mood lifting, more energy and better weight loss. All major credit cards are accepted on the Web site through PayPal. A customer service team is available during normal business hours for customer support and can be contacted by emailing Support@Omni4Me.com.

For more information on Omnitrition products, visit www.Omni4Me.com or email Support@Omni4Me.com.

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