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January 27, 2012

How to determine which commonly used adult incontinence products are appropriate for a parent or loved one at home.

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HomeDeliveredDiapers.com – Michael A Kline, Dir of Operations

According to the Clinical Practice Guidelines on Urinary Incontinence in Adults published in 1996 by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, 13 million Americans are incontinent — 85% of them are women. According to Mike Kline, Dir of Operations of Kline Medical Supply, Inc. “People are not comfortable discussing incontinence which makes quality information on choosing the appropriate incontinence products hard to come by”. This guide, along with the professionals at Home Delivered Diapers, will help make an informed decision when purchasing adult incontinence products.

Adult Protective Underwear accounts for 46% of retail sales according to a AC Neilson study commissioned by Prevail. Protective Underwear hold as much as most adult briefs. Since they stretch to fit, they are easier for someone taking care of themselves to step into just like traditional underwear. Protective underwear are more discreet, so they are an obvious choice for an active lifestyle. Adult incontinence effects more women than men, so most products are designed for women. However, gender specific designs for both men and women look like traditional panties or briefs and place the absorbent polymers where needed. Unisex Protective Underwear costs less than gender specific versions.

Adult Briefs, often referred to as Adult Diapers, are most commonly used by bed confined residents in Nursing Homes. Adult Briefs offer better protection for heavy incontinence than other incontinence products. Most modern adult briefs are breathable, have adjustable tabs, and contain absorbent polymers to reduces the pH and decrease odors. In the home care market, adult briefs make up about 4% of retail sales.

Disposable Underpads are available in many sizes and can be used to protect furniture and reduce laundering bed linens. Washable Cloth Underpads offer excellent protection and can keep expenses down. Washable Underpads also can be used as an aid to help adjust or move bed confined individuals.

Bladder Control Pads for Women and Male Guards provide great protection for light incontinence. Both are used in cotton underwear, but specially designed underwear with leak proof liners are available. Bladder Control Pads are commonly used after childbirth and are designed to reduce odor and lower the pH of urine. Male Guards are commonly used after prostate procedures.

Tips and Tricks

Help choosing the appropriate products is available. Several companies have qualified customer service representatives that can explain the differences. Purchasing a package of an item before you buy the whole case is a great idea. This allows you to test the quality and the fit. Even the best quality products leak if they are too large so consider buying a few different packages. Most websites that offer free or low cost samples are hoping to capture your email or phone number. Trying six different products in a row will just lead to confusion about which one worked.

Home health caregivers know more about incontinence products than doctor’s or most nurses because they simply assist more people that use them. When taking care of a loved one, finding a local caregiver just makes sense.

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