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PROXY Pro 8 Provides Secure Web Access to Remote and Virtual Desktops

February 1, 2012

BOSTON, Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Proxy Networks, Inc. (http://www.proxynetworks.com), a leading provider of remote support and online collaboration software solutions, announced today the general availability of PROXY Pro 8.0, featuring the introduction of new tools for secure web-based remote access to and remote control of remote desktops for both virtual and physical machines.

In addition, PROXY Pro 8.0 includes new tools for real-time monitoring of remote access and remote control activities, role-based web access accounts, and a new pricing model that includes support for unlimited number of remote desktops.

Control Your Own Web-Based Remote Desktop Service Platform

PROXY Pro 8 provides the software platform and tools to enable enterprises and other large organizations to host and operate their own, on-demand, web-based, in-house remote support service.

“Why give 3rd party services responsibility for managing authentication and authorization to computers in your network? Who is or has accessed machines in your domain? Why pay recurring monthly service fees? With PROXY Pro 8, our customers and partners can eliminate these questions and bring these services back in-house and under their control,” said Andy Kim, CEO of Proxy Networks, Inc.

Support Unlimited Number of Remote Desktops

With PROXY Pro 8, the decision to bring remote desktop and remote support services in-house can bring economic as well as operational benefits. Proxy Networks is introducing a new pricing model which enables customers and partners to support an unlimited number of remote desktops, for both virtual and physical machines, for a one-time, perpetual license fee. To find out more about this one-time license fee, visit http://www.proxynetworks.com.

“As a Proxy Networks customer for over a decade, I have been a strong advocate for the PROXY Pro remote desktop software solution, which has provided my team with remote access and remote control for many of the desktops in our district. Now with the release of the new web-enabled PROXY Pro 8, I can cost effectively deploy PROXY Pro to all the desktops and servers in my district and enable support to these machines from anywhere, and at any time. With our move to PROXY Pro 8, I am happy to say that we can eliminate the use of all other remote access tools across our IT organization,” said Sheila A. Setser, Chief Systems Engineer, Scott County Public Schools.

Monitor Remote Access and Remote Control Activities in Real-time

New real-time activity reporting tools in PROXY Pro 8 enable customer and partners to track all remote access and remote control activities, including unsuccessful attempts, that have or are occurring in your network. The reporting tools, which can be seen at http://www.proxynetworks.com, can also be used for analysis and auditing purposes to give customers and partners a complete set of management tools for their online remote support service.

About Proxy Networks

Proxy Networks, Inc., formerly a division of Juniper Networks, Inc., has been a leading provider of innovative remote support and online collaboration software for more than 15 years. PROXY Pro remote support software includes: Remote access software tools to reach remote PC desktops anywhere, anytime; remote control software tools to resolve support issues quickly and collaboratively; and remote management software tools to monitor and repair configuration settings in real-time. Thousands of helpdesk technicians and IT administrators use PROXY Pro every day for remote access to and remote control of remote desktops for millions of virtual and physical machines around the world.

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