Oakland Sewer Test Experts At Evenflow Plumbing Announce Consumer Alert: Be Cautious About Getting a Free Oakland Sewer Test for the East Bay MUD Sewer Lateral Ordinance

February 17, 2012

Oakland sewer test experts at Evenflow Plumbing have seen several situations recently where questionable practices have been used to confuse consumers. They say to be weary of free Oakland sewer test offers relating to the new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance.

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) February 17, 2012

Oakland sewer test services are being offer by many plumbers as a result of the new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance. Some of those offers include free sewer tests. Ultimately, in many cases, the sewer test ends up costing the consumer $600 – $800 if any digging must be done, which occurs in most cases. Evenflow Plumbing recommends doing research. “Ask a lot of questions,” says Gary Dimodana of Evenflow Plumbing. The new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance mandates that a sewer test must be performed on all properties involved in a real estate transaction and an Oakland sewer certificate of compliance must be issued in order for the escrow to close.

If the sewer certificate is issued after an Oakland trenchless sewer replacement, it is good for 20 years. If the sewer certificate is issued on a tested line, it is good for seven years. The only exceptions are condominiums. Other triggers which make an Oakland sewer test required are renovations exceeding $100,000 and increasing the size of the water meter to a property.

The new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance has drastically changed the landscape for real estate transactions. Oakland sewer inspections are now required. Realtors and other people involved in real estate deals including home inspection professionals are receiving a large number of inquiries regarding what type of sewer test is required to obtain an Oakland sewer certificate. East Bay MUD who oversees compliance for the new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance accepts both air and water sewer tests. Gary Dimodana, Owner of Evenflow Plumbing says he has seen many situations where consumers have been told they will get a free Oakland sewer test for the new sewer lateral ordinance and that they will have no problem getting the Oakland sewer certificate. “I have been getting at least 5 calls a day since January 16th specifically relating to the Oakland sewer test and people being told they have to pay lot of money once a trench is dug after being told the test would be free. The best thing to do for the new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance is to get a video camera inspection first. If the line is broken or not working properly, it will need to be replaced because of the ordinance. Paying for a sewer test doesn´t make sense.”

The Oakland sewer lateral ordinance is intended to protect natural resources and reduce the cost of treating ground water instead of sewage. The required sewer test is intended to determine whether or not the sewer line is allowing ground water into the system and whether or not sewage is leaking out of the system. “When a sewer test is done we need to have a proper cleanout to access the sewer system. Then we can create a seal within the pipe between the house and the sewer connection in the street. If the line holds water an Oakland sewer certificate can be issued. If the line is bad Oakland sewer repair is required,” says Dimodana.    

Consumers would be wise to ask questions before choosing one of the many Oakland plumbers available to them. It is also important to understand that a sewer permit is required if the sewer line is dug up and capped. The fee for the permit is several hundred dollars. To learn more about Evenflow Plumbing visit their website.

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