The First and Only Cord Blood Laboratory in Miami Florida Announces Today the Implementation of a Cord Blood Workshop

February 24, 2012

GeneCell International Launches Educational Cord Blood Workshops for South Florida Expecting Parents

Miami, FL. (PRWEB) February 24, 2012

GeneCell International, a cutting-edge South Florida provider in the processing and cryogenic preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells, announced today it would commence monthly cord blood workshops to advance the education in the community.

GeneCell International specializes in the collection, transport, processing and cryogenic storage of adult stem cells from various sources including; umbilical cord blood, dental pulp and adipose tissue (fat) that can later be used to treat a variety of diseases. The laboratory is also involved in scientific research and development with a range of stem cells from various adult tissues.

Umbilical cord blood preservation is a process by which blood is collected from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby and is stored cryogenically in a specially-designated bank. According to the National Marrow Donor Program, cord blood contains cells that can be transfused to a patient to treat various diseases, including lymphoma and leukemia. The list of illnesses that can be treated with cord blood continues to grow.

In addition, the cord blood can be used to treat the child from whom the blood was collected as well as some first-degree relatives who are a close genetic match, such as family members. Cord blood banking is regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and each year more and more parents choose to save their children´s cord blood should the medical need arise. “I think, to have the ability to inform our community on the differentiation from hematopoietic stem cells to mesenchymal stem cells, and potentials of these noncontroversial stem cells is outstanding”, said GeneCell´s Marketing Manager, Aixa G. Cortez.

During the workshops, GeneCell´s Director of Research and Laboratory Operations, Dr. Todd R. Flower, and our Laboratory Bio-tech Professionals will address significant new research and the compelling benefits of the collection, processing, cryogenic storage and science behind cord blood Stem Cells. Expecting parents in Miami are invited and encourage attend this workshop to learning more about this medical advancement. “What is most rewarding is to be able to update these expecting parents and their families on the current and future treatments of these stem cells as well as explain the controversial dereferences about them”, added Physicians´ Relations Manager, Lisa L. Reyes.

Alongside its commitment to educating the public on the benefits of cord blood preservation, GeneCell is committed to being on the forefront of stem cell research. GeneCell International is the only Cord Blood and Dental Pulp Processing and Cryogenic Storage Laboratory to offer this cutting-edge, “regenerative medicine” technology in Miami, Florida.

About GeneCell International

GeneCell International, LLC is a trusted provider in the collection, processing and storage of adult stem cells from various sources which have the potential to treat a variety of diseases and disorders. Headquartered in Miami, Florida and with local offices in Central Florida, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Peru, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela, GeneCell operates state of the art laboratories and storage facilities for the cord blood and dental pulp of thousands of clients. For more information and to learn more about cord blood banking, dental pulp or other GeneCell services, please visit our website at http://www.GeneCell.com.


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