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Frost & Sullivan’s Global Healthcare Approach Evolves to Contend with Today’s Challenges

March 1, 2012

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A consistent theme within healthcare and the transformation of the patient-doctor relationship, technological innovation and disease treatment is progression. An example of this continual market growth can be seen in healthcare IT, which is expected to become the single biggest business model disruptor to the healthcare industry. Companies must maintain a vantage point over these shifts to make strategic, well-informed and prosperous decisions to ultimately accelerate the growth of their organizations.

To maintain a firm lead on these market evolutions, Frost & Sullivan has restructured into three cutting edge healthcare programs: Life Sciences, Advanced MedTech and Connected Health. The research teams will also maintain a focus on Emerging Markets and Next Generation Healthcare. With these core growth market modernizations, Frost & Sullivan empowers clients ranging from emerging businesses to Global 1000 companies to be at the forefront of assessing these shifts and the impact on industry stakeholders.

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“The goals of healthcare today are to reduce cost, increase outcomes, and improve quality and patient care,” said Frost & Sullivan Senior Vice President Reenita Das. “Through our programs, we identify and demonstrate some of these core technologies and business model innovations that will help fulfill our clients’ goals.”

Core growth markets covered within Frost & Sullivan’s healthcare program include:

    Life Sciences                   Advanced MedTech                        Connected Health
    -------------                   ----------------                        ----------------
    Contract Outsourcing            Contrast and Radiopharma                Analytics
    Convergence of Therapeutics and
     Diagnostics                    Infection Control Solutions             Health Information Exchange
    Life Science Research Tools     Medical Imaging Modalities and Services  mHealth
    Next Generation Biologics       Patient Monitoring Solutions            Provider Information Technology
    Next Generation Sequencing      Sleep Diagnostics and Therapy           Remote Monitoring
    Pharma Pipelines                Surgical and Orthopedic Solutions       Revenue Cycle Management
    Vaccines                        Ventilation and Anesthesia              Telehealth
                                    Wound Management                        Video Telemedicine

In addition to the dramatic alterations witnessed in the healthcare industry in the last decade, patients’ demands for personalized, effective and problem-solving health solutions continue to increase with the expanded expenditures required for treatment. Organizations must overcome challenges, such as patent expiry, increased competition, and compliance regulations, to shift treatment focuses to points of wellness, prediction and prevention. Frost & Sullivan regularly partners with companies to conquer these and other diverse hurdles.

“The healthcare industry today is converging in more ways than one–for instance, the lines between medical devices, patient monitoring and imaging have become blurred, with each sector having tremendous impact and influence on the other,” said Das. “Our offering provides continuous monitoring along a continuum of care platform, which will enable companies to understand the impact of these sectoral drivers and restraints on core markets.”

These advanced healthcare programs represent the cornerstones of forward-thinking, balanced and well-founded research, built on Frost & Sullivan’s TEAM methodology. The TEAM research approach provides a prescient overview and outlook through technical, economic, decision support and market engineering global analysis. This concept and the shifts in healthcare research allow Frost & Sullivan to enhance and reinforce long-term internal progress, while enhancing the growth of clients and partners through beneficial Growth Partnership Services.

Frost & Sullivan’s Healthcare Growth Partnership Services program includes research covering topics along a continuum of care platform from life sciences to devices, diagnostics, imaging, connected health and emerging content. All research services included in subscriptions provide detailed market opportunities and industry trends evaluated following extensive interviews with market participants.

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