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Rebecca Fierle Supports Mental Health Education for Senior Care Providers

March 8, 2012

ORLANDO, Fla., March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — According to the ConcordPatch, Caring Companion Home Care will be hosting a conference on senior depression. Hosted online, in conjunction with the National Private Duty Association, this conference will discuss the facts senior care providers need to know to properly address senior depression. Rebecca Fierle, who is a senior care professional and owner of Geriatric Management, supports this effort.

Depression is a widespread issue among the senior population, one that has yet to be officially recognized. This is why Caring Companion Home Care is determined to bring this issue to light. “The amount of unrecognized, untreated, unrelieved depression I see all the time among elders, well, it’s enough to make me depressed some days,” commented the Director of the Concord office of Caring Companion Home Care. “Despite the fact that seniors receive a lot of medical care, they’re not being adequately screened–and treated–for this life draining problem.”

The depression experienced by elderly individuals may be different from that experienced by other generations. According to the previously cited article, which was written by Greg Abazorius, “Contrary to widespread belief, depression in later years is not something that should be considered par for the course. Bier points out that it’s important to understand that some symptoms of depression in an aging population–especially where there may be one or more chronic physical illnesses–may look a little different, and require different intervention, than depression in younger people.”

Because of these differences, Rebecca Fierle and other senior care professionals believe that all senior care providers should be knowledgeable about the signs of depression in the elderly population. Educating today’s senior care providers about depression, and teaching them how to address it properly, can help alleviate the emotional strain that it causes for countless individuals.

But addressing elderly depression is about more than simply reducing stress–it is about improving the quality of life for the senior population. Senior care professionals exist because the industry hopes to create a positive impact on the quality of life that seniors experience. By addressing depression, Rebecca Fierle believes that this mission can be achieved more successfully.


Senior care professional and owner of Geriatric Management, Rebecca Fierle leads other care experts in providing invaluable services to elderly individuals and their families. Rebecca Fierle and her team offer a wide range of services, including legal and tax guidance, transportation, and professional assessments, in an effort to minimize the stress and discomfort of elderly individuals and their loved ones. By completing this work, Rebecca Fierle improves the quality of life for her clients and, by extension, their families.

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