Hormone-Free hCG Drops are Quickly Replacing Homeopathic Counterparts

March 9, 2012

Under FDA pressure, homeopathic hCG drops are now giving way to the emergence of hormone-free hCG drops for weight loss. But while homeopathic hCG has demonstrated its effectiveness, Weight Loss Guide explains why consumers should wait to try the latest hormone-free hCG alternatives.

(PRWEB) March 08, 2012

Despite tens of thousands of success stories, the Food and Drug Administration recently started its act to ban hCG when it announced that it issued warning letters to seven companies offering homeopathic hCG stating they are “making unsupported claims for the substances” (FDA News Release). The FDA asserts that these products are ineffective for weight loss and is attempting to completely remove them from the market. Aware of this ongoing controversy, Weight Loss Guide continues to rank BioMazing HCG as its top weight loss product for 2012 and details why consumers should hesitate before trying hormone-free hCG alternatives.

Weight Loss Guide explains that while homeopathic hCG drops have been proven successful for weight loss, the present FDA attack is currently prompting many companies to switch over to hormone-free versions. These hormone-free hCG alternatives are typically formulated without hCG or homeopathic hCG using amino acids and other ingredients, but claim to offer the same 1-2 pounds of weight loss per day that homeopathic hCG drops and hCG injections offer.

Manufacturers claim that the hormone-free hCG liquid elicits the same reaction in the body as the hCG itself. This means that when combined with Dr. Simeons’ very-low calorie hCG diet, the body will be triggered to rapidly release stored body fat. But while these products will likely take the place of homeopathic hCG in the future, there is no evidence as of late to substantiate these claims.

Weight Loss Guide recommends that consumers wait until substantial proof is released displaying that hormone-free hCG drops are as effective as homeopathic hCG products. Until then, Weight Loss Guide suggests that users consider trying homeopathic hCG drops while they are still available on the market.

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