HCG Blog Releases Top 5 Mistakes Made on the HCG Diet

March 13, 2012

While most individuals are able to successfully lose 1 to 2 pounds per day on the hCG diet, hCG Blog continuously receives emails and questions from people who are unable to achieve these great results. Visitors often ask, “If the hCG diet works so well, why do some men and women struggle to lose weight?” Fact of the matter is, the hCG diet can work for everyone — and those who do not achieve results are making an hCG diet mistake. In order to clarify any hCG weight loss misconceptions, hCG Blog has created a list of the top 5 mistakes made by users on the hCG diet.

(PRWEB) March 12, 2012

While the hCG diet instructions are quite simple, many people make inadvertent errors that result in weight loss stalls, absence of energy, hunger pains and even a lack of weight loss altogether. The hCG diet can work for just about everyone, but even small mistakes can hinder results. HCG Blog has now released the top 5 mistakes made on the hCG diet as a way to help as many people as possible achieve great results with hCG drops and hCG injections.

Top 5 hCG Dieting Mistakes

1. Selecting an Inferior hCG Product

  • Losing weight with the hCG diet plan not only requires users to follow the guidelines, but to take either hCG drops or injections. Taking a product mixed with other ingredients or made using fake hCG will cause the metabolism to shut down and will halt weight loss.

2. Cheating

  • Many people think that a small amount of cheating will not affect their weight loss, but straying from the hCG diet guidelines even once can cause a weight loss stall.

3. Drinking Diet Sodas, Juices and Teas

  • The only beverages allowed on the hCG diet are water, coffee and tea from a teabag. Some individuals assume that because diet beverages have no calories that they are fine to consume, but this is not the case.

4. Not Consuming Enough Water

  • In order to maximize weight loss using hCG drops or injections, it is important that the dieter consume no less than 2 liters of water per day.

5. Cooking Meat with Oil

  • One of the most important factors in the hCG diet is to avoid all oil — many users forget this and use oil when cooking.

Editor’s Notes: hCGBlog.com was founded to help provide answers and support for both those on the hCG diet and others who are simply interested in learning about weight loss with hCG.

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