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I-Flow Expands Pain Management Portfolio With New ON-Q T-bloc and Other Peripheral Nerve Block Products

March 27, 2012

LAKE FOREST, Calif., March 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — I-Flow, LLC, a Kimberly-Clark Health Care Company, today announces the availability of a new suite of ON-Q T-bloc kits and trays, including needles, catheters and other pain management accessories for use in regional nerve block procedures.

As the provider of the market-leading ON-Q Pain Relief System (ON-Q), I-Flow is considered by many physicians an innovator in pain management and drug delivery technology. The introduction of these new pain management kits, trays and other accessories builds upon I-Flow’s market leadership and represents its latest move in continuing to provide anesthesiologists a comprehensive product suite for performing peripheral nerve blocks.

“With the addition of our ON-Q T-bloc kits and trays and other nerve block products, I-Flow now offers physicians and healthcare providers an expanded portfolio of innovative and safe products to effectively manage pain after surgery,” said Chris Barys, General Manager of Global Surgical Pain, I-Flow. “Building on I-Flow’s industry leadership in post-surgical pain relief systems, the company is pleased to be able to offer our customers a total solution from one trusted provider.”

According to Barys, I-Flow offers a line of products needed to prepare for and deliver peripheral nerve blocks. In addition to these expanded product lines, I-Flow completes the total solution by providing customers ongoing in-depth training, education, consultation and clinical support on its products.

ON-Q T-bloc trays and kits

The ON-Q T-bloc product suite is designed to meet the needs for performing most continuous upper and lower extremity and truncal blocks, helping streamline the process of stocking for peripheral nerve block needs.

The comprehensive ON-Q T-bloc line provides anesthesiologists with the only available trays and kits needed to deliver ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. Products available include:

    ON-Q T-bloc Continuous Trays:
     all-inclusive trays comprised
     of the entire ON-Q T-bloc
     product offering, providing
     everything needed for
     ultrasound-guided nerve block
    ON-Q T-bloc Needle & Catheter
     Kits: kits include an echogenic
     needle and catheter, Stingray
     Connector(R), LOCKIT PLUS(R)
     Catheter Securement Device and
     applicable dressings.
    ON-Q T-bloc Prep Trays: trays
     include more than 15 products
     commonly used to prep for an
     ultrasound-guided regional
     anesthesia procedure, as well
     as an ultrasound probe cover
     and gel.

In addition to ON-Q T-bloc, I-Flow also announced today that it now offers a suite of other needles, catheters and accessories that can be used to complete the ON-Q nerve block solution. They include:

    Continuous Nerve Block Needles
     & Catheters: selection
     includes ProLong(R) and
     ContiStim(R) needle and
     catheter sets, available with
     Block or Tuohy stimulating
    Single Shot Needles: selection
     includes EchoBright echogenic
     needles and ProBloc(R) II
     stimulating needles, which
     are available in several
     gauges and lengths.

The new ON-Q T-bloc trays and kits, and needles, catheters and pain management accessories, as well as the Continuous Nerve Block Needles & Catheters and Single Shot Needles are now available for purchase or for evaluation samples. Please contact I-Flow at (800) 448-3569, to place an order or for full product listings.

About I-Flow

I-Flow, LLC, a Kimberly-Clark Health Care Company, is a global market leader in acute pain and ambulatory medication delivery, driving innovative clinical applications for surgical procedures and regional anesthesia that improve outcomes and advance patient care. Led by its flagship line, the ON-Q Pain Relief System (ON-Q) provides reliable and simple non-narcotic, regional anesthesia therapies that are redefining post-surgical recovery by eliminating many of the side effects customarily associated with narcotics. Clinical studies have shown that patients who receive ON-Q products generally get back to normal faster after surgery, resulting in shorter hospital stays, reduced costs and higher patient satisfaction. I-Flow also offers a comprehensive suite of kits and trays for performing peripheral nerve blocks, providing an unmet need and total product solution for I-Flow’s clinician customers. Also as part of I-Flow’s total solution, the Company offers in-depth training, education, consulting and clinical support along with medical device expertise. For more information, visit www.iflo.com.

LockIt Plus® is a registered trademark of Smiths Medical. ProLong, ContiStim, and ProBloc are registered trademarks of Life-Tech, Inc. Stingray is a registered trademark of Epimed, Int.

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