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Visionspect Announces Pharmaceutical Industry’s First Contract Visual Inspection Service

April 3, 2012

WOOD DALE, Ill., April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Visionspect, a division of DJA Pharma, has announced the industry’s first contract visual inspection system, offering automated visual inspection with no capital outlay. Visionspect provides each site with the visual inspection equipment, personnel, and expertise to visually inspect tablets and capsules. Using proven equipment and technology, Visionspect guarantees inspection results to levels that are unachievable by manual inspection, while saving clients valuable operating costs.

The heart of Visionspect’s contract visual inspection system is the equipment: the Viswill (formerly Kanebo) PAPPIS Inspection System, the TVIS-EX3-CD and the TVIS-AS-C6 inspection systems. This equipment is capable of inspecting up to 350,000 tablets per hour and can be customized precisely for specific customer criteria. Visionspect provides both the equipment and the personnel to run, service, and maintain the equipment.

Commenting on Visionspect’s new product offering, Rusty Nelson, General Manager, said, “The shortage of capital in the pharmaceutical industry for projects other than new capacity has hampered the growth of automated visual inspection in the United States. But the technology has been well established in Japan for years with remarkable success. To make the technology more readily available for our U. S. customers, we’ve set up a new operating unit to offer the technology on a contract basis.” Mr. Nelson further added, “By allowing the customer to pay for the inspection on a batch or per tablet basis, we have eliminated one of the barriers for introduction of this proven technology.”

As a part of this new offering, Visionspect will run free verification batch tests on clients’ products to demonstrate the quality and economy of automated visual inspection and to determine appropriate inspection costs. For more information, call Visionspect at (630) 776-2459 or email at info@visionspect.com.

About DJA Pharma

DJA Pharma is a division of Daiichi Jitsugyo (America). The company is the sole distributor in North America, Puerto Rico, and South America for the Viswill Vision Technologies. The company also distributes many other technologies for manufacturing equipment. DJA Pharma is a sales and full service provider for the technologies and machines that it sells. The corporate office is located in Chicago, Illinois and the company also has an office and showroom in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. The office in Puerto Rico provides sales and service support to customers on the island, Mexico and South America.


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