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World premiere of a scientific break-through – NeuroSpa by GSS Lab at the 2012 Esthetique Spa International salons of Las Vegas, Toronto and Quebec City

April 11, 2012

Deep and total relief of body and mind in 30 minutes


MONTREAL, April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – GSS LAB launches the first
intra-corporal neuro-musical device using the nervous system to reach
the mind and all parts of the body:

The NeuroSpa provides in 30 minutes

physical and mental relief equivalent to 30 hours of rest.

Following many years of research on the positive impacts of music on the
human brain and body, GSS LAB a research laboratory based in Montréal,
has developed the NeuroSpa.  It is the world’s first therapeutic device producing intra-corporal
music (multi-frequency acoustic vibrations) synchronized with
conventional music to relieve stress and provide deep muscular
relaxation.  Simple to utilise without the need of undressing, it does
not require the presence of any attendant. It may be used wherever
wellness and/or relaxation is sought such as in spas and beauty
centres, hairdressing salons, business enterprises, air terminals,
sport centres, private homes, etc. The NeuroSpa‘s intra-corporal music connecting through the nervous system easily
reaches all parts of the body with pleasant and comforting physical
sensations varying from a mildly subtle to a rather high intensity. In
a 30 minute session, the full range of these extraordinary sensations
are experienced and felt from head to toes. In the demanding pace of
our modern times, relaxation and massage have rapidly become
priorities.  With the mounting accumulation of stress and the shorter
time available to relax and unwind, achieving daily balance of mind and
body is now possible thanks to the NeuroSpa: Indeed a major innovation in the industry of WELLNESS and RELAXATION.

GSS LAB’s technology of the NeuroSpa is protected by world-wide patents.

World première introduction of the NeuroSpa to the media and to the spa,
aesthetics and wellness industry:

        --  in Las Vegas, April 15 &16: at the ESI show Venetian/Sands


        --  in Toronto April 29 & 30, at the ESI show Metro Toronto
            Convention Centre:


        --  in Québec City May 6 & 7, at the salon ESI, Québec Convention



Source: PR Newswire