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Detour® Introduces High Protein, Omega-3 Fortified Lower Sugar Nutrition Bar

April 12, 2012

CARSON CITY, Nev., April 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Nutrition bar company Forward Foods, LLC, the maker of the award-winning Detour® bar, today announced the addition of two Detour Lean Muscle Cookies n’ Cream bars to its existing line of protein bars.

The Cookies n’ Cream flavor is made with crunchy chocolate cookie pieces and a creamy whipped chocolate mousse layer sandwiched between two sweet vanilla cores, all covered in a lower sugar vanilla cream coating. It will be available in two sizes: a 90 gram bar with 32 grams of high quality protein with only seven grams of sugar and 1000mg of Omega-3′s; and a 45 gram bar with 16 grams of high quality protein with only four grams of sugar and 500mg of Omega-3′s.

The new Cookies n’ Cream bar joins the Lean Muscle line of bars and shakes which are the first to combine high quality protein, low sugar, and essential Omega-3′s. Both bars are also fortified with 21 vitamins and minerals, making them suitable for snacking or meal replacement, and deliver candy bar taste with only a fraction of the sugar found in other protein products.

“Detour Lean Muscle bars are unique because they blend essential nutrition with a delicious candy bar taste. This line of bars is the first to combine high performance whey protein with significant levels of Omega-3 essential fats and single digit sugar levels, while also maintaining the great candy bar taste we’ve been working to master for over a decade,” said Patrick Muldoon, chief executive officer of Forward Foods, which owns Detour. “The Cookies n’ Cream bar is the first Lean Muscle bar we’ve introduced in both the large and small sizes at the same time. More and more consumers are looking for the benefits of Detour Lean Muscle bars and we are responding with options so consumers can make the right choice for their health needs.”

The smaller 190 calorie Detour Lean Muscle Bars are now available in three flavors: Cookies n’ Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch and Cookie Dough Caramel Crisp. The larger 370-410 calorie Detour Lean Muscle Bars are now available in four flavors: the three listed for the small bars and Fudge Almond Crunch. The bars are available in health and fitness retailers, convenience stores, grocery stores, military bases, and online at www.detourbar.com. Follow Detour Bars on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DetourBars.

About Forward Foods

Forward Foods, LLC manufactures and markets high protein, snack, and energy bars under the Detour brand. Since the introduction of the original bar in October 2002, Detour has grown into a $50MM retail brand platform and is the leading high protein brand in health and fitness stores. Detour revolutionized the high protein bar category by being the first to utilize candy bar technology and formulation to create a truly “great tasting” high protein bar. The brand has now expanded to more mainstream channels including food grocery, drug store, mass merchant, club and convenience stores. For more information on the complete line of great tasting, high protein Detour products, visit http://detourbar.com

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