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VORT Corporation Launches iPad App for Parents & Pediatricians

April 24, 2012

MENLO PARK, Calif., April 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — VORT Corporation, publisher of best-selling assessment materials for early childhood professionals, announced today its new, interactive parenting tool: PPOD(TM) (Parents & Pediatricians Optimizing Development).

Today’s parents of infants and toddlers want improved ways to nurture their child’s development and to communicate more effectively with their child’s pediatrician. Many parenting resources, such as WebMD’s Baby App, provide parents with important reference information, but these resources can fall short on helping parents actually visualize and track their child’s development.

“To help parents give their child the best developmental advantage, PPOD is the only personalized web-based tool that provides a comprehensive view of a child’s progress across key milestones,” said Tom Holt, President of VORT Corporation.

PPOD’s easy-to-use interface arrays the 108 milestones, covering ages birth to three years, in 11 important areas of development: Cognitive, Dressing, Eating/Drinking, Expressive Language, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Receptive Language, Sleeping, Social-Emotional, Toileting, and Growth (which helps address issues regarding obesity).

Proactive Parental Involvement

PPOD interactively puts key milestones at parents’ fingertips, and engages parents in their child’s development. Milestones, backed by research, are supported with hundreds of helpful hints, everyday activities, and safety tips–all warmly written from the child’s point-of-view.

“Our goal is to give parents and pediatricians the personalized information they need to foster a child’s development,” said Dr. Brenda Hussey-Gardner, developmental specialist, assistant professor of pediatrics, and author of PPOD. “PPOD enables parents to visualize progress, articulate strengths and concerns, prepare for doctor visits, and anticipate their child’s next developmental milestones.”

Helping Parents Partner with Pediatricians

PPOD helps parents partner with their pediatrician in three important ways:

  • Milestones are organized according to the 12 well-child visits recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Parents record their child’s progress while learning fun ways to foster skills within daily routines such as bath time, mealtime, or even shopping.
  • Parents can easily maintain a profile of their child’s development, add comments, and print / email reports to share with their child’s pediatrician.

“PPOD enhances families’ knowledge of child development by empowering parents with an understanding of developmental milestones and what they can do to help their child learn,” said Dr. Shalini Khurana, pediatrician. “PPOD makes our job as pediatricians easier. With PPOD, developmental concerns are no longer a surprise to parents.”

Anywhere, Anytime

The user purchases just one subscription (account), either at the iTunes Store or www.myppod.com, and thereafter can access their PPOD account anywhere and anytime–from the iPad or Web browsers on their desktop or mobile devices.

Annual subscription: (family account; up to 5 children, ages birth to 3 years)

Special Intro Price $9.99 per year (expires June 30, 2012)

Standard Price: $14.99 per year

About VORT Corporation

For more than 30 years, VORT has been publishing best-selling curriculum-based assessment materials used by child development professionals serving children (birth to six years) and their families. VORT is proud to offer PPOD in response to the thousands of requests from parents who want a personalized tool for their own use. More information about VORT is available at www.vort.com

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Brenda Hussey-Gardner

Contact: Tom Holt, VORT Corporation, 888-757-8678

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