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Pfizer Outlines Common Pitfalls Leading to Prosecution in the Pharma Industry

April 24, 2012

LONDON, April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Joshua Holzer, Chief Compliance Counsel for Global Trade, Pfizer Inc, recently joined
Pharma IQ to discuss the common pitfalls experienced by pharma companies when it comes to
compliance with regulatory investigations and he also shared strategies that in house
counsels can use to help their company protect themselves and better manage their

When speaking with Pharma IQ, Mr Holzer discussed how the global nature of commerce
increasingly forces companies to look at their level of compliance with global trade laws:
import laws, export laws as well as the sanctions and embargoes areas.

“They’re putting resources towards dealing with those areas and they’re particularly
important because they’re really complex and in-depth and the laws do change from country
to country and they should be harmonised but they’re not necessarily that way,” says Mr

During the interview, he also discussed actions the pharma companies should take
immediately upon discovering wrongdoing and key steps Pfizer takes when developing a
regulatory investigation plan, particularly in a multijurisdictional situation.

You can listen to the full interview on Pharma IQ web: http://bit.ly/HPWHA9

This interview was conducted in relation to Pharma IQ’s Information Governance &
eDiscovery for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices
[http://www.pharmaediscovery.com/Event.aspx?id=722282&utm_source=21245.001PressRelease&utm_medium=21245.001PressRelease&utm_campaign=21245.001PressRelease&utm_content=10/02/12&mac=21245.001PressRelease ]
, taking place 26 – 28 June, 2012, London, UK

The feedback from Mr Holzer helped to shape the agenda that features The Honorable
Andrew J Peck
[http://www.pharmaediscovery.com/Event.aspx?id=722352#the_honorable_andrew_j_peck ],
Director, US Magistrate Judge District of New York, Master Steven Whitaker, Senior Master
of the Senior Courts in the Queen’s Bench Division from The Royal Courts of Justice and
Judge Abeline Dorethea Reiling, Vice-President from Amsterdam District Court who will be
leading a judge panel Discovery in the Courtroom: Understanding emerging judicial
expectations for eDiscovery in European and American courts.

Other important topics expressed by survey respondents and will be discussed at the
event include:

        - Outsourcing Sandwich Records Management: Redesigning the records
          management support model at Pfizer (Frank AF Hultschig Director, Enterprise Records
          and Information Management, Corporate Legal Pfizer)
        - Regulatory expectations: Update on US and European regulatory investigations
          and prosecutions (Jean-Bernard Schmid Deputy Prosecutor General, Investigating
          Magistrate Geneva
        - Privacy vs Litigation: Practical Considerations for the Life Sciences Industry
          (Peter B. Miller, Acting Chief Privacy Officer, US Federal Trade Commission)

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