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VHCA Signs Preferred Partnership Agreement With COMS Interactive

April 25, 2012

RICHMOND, Va., April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The Virginia Health Care Association (VHCA) has signed a Preferred Partner Agreement with COMS Interactive, LLC (COMS). With a key goal of helping their membership improve resident clinical outcomes, the Association’s partnership with COMS is a natural extension of VHCA’s offerings to its members. The three-year partnership is focused specifically on improving clinical and financial outcomes at their member facilities.

The COMS flagship Disease Management software, Daylight IQ(TM), is used in leading nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home care organizations nationwide. The Software as a Service (SaaS) product features a series of integrated, disease-based library of clinical protocols that significantly empower the entire care team including physicians, therapists, nurses, and nurse aides, and facilitates enhanced communication between all parties. The initial Daylight IQ(TM) training can be completed in less than two hours, immediately improving clinical results and providing positive tangible financial outcomes.

“A constantly changing market challenges us to deliver best in class care, being ever mindful of reimbursement constraints,” noted Stephen C. Morrisette, President of VHCA. “Daylight IQ(TM) will allow our member facilities to reduce unnecessary hospital readmission rates and enhance the overall quality of care provided by our members while simultaneously improving financial outcomes.”

Daylight IQ(TM) empowers clinical teams with information and technology at the point of care. This results in the caregivers being able to provide better care, directly increasing an organization’s census with related improvements in financial outcomes. A key component of the Daylight IQ(TM) product suite is the reduction in unnecessary hospital readmissions by as much as 50%, a related decrease in premature mortality rates, and an increase in successful discharges.

“VHCA continues to research, identify and offer products and services that enable member facilities to enhance resident clinical care,” noted Edward J. Tromczynski, Chief Executive Officer, COMS Interactive. “It is decisive action such as this which reinforces VHCA’s leadership position in the post-acute care community, and VHCA members will benefit greatly from this partnership.”

Data indicates that the average nursing home, home care or assisted living resident has a complicated disease profile, with one primary disease and up to eight secondary diseases or afflictions. Over 70% of re-hospitalizations are due to the progression of secondary or new diseases. By providing early detection of changes in condition, Daylight IQ(TM) highlights potential problems and offers caregivers the opportunity to respond, preventing further progression of the illness or affliction.

About the Virginia Health Care Association

The Virginia Health Care Association is a member-driven organization dedicated to advocating for and representing the interests of over 250 Virginia nursing and assisted living facilities, the 29,000 residents they serve through the selfless efforts of nearly 30,000 dedicated care-giving staff. VHCA is proud of their role as the Commonwealth’s largest association representing long-term care. VHCA’s strength, effectiveness, and integrity are significantly enhanced by the diversity of its membership which includes proprietary, non-profit, and government-operated facilities dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. Visit http://www.vhca.org or call 804.353.9101 for additional information about VHCA.

About COMS Interactive, LLC

COMS Interactive, LLC deploys processes and systems that stabilize and improve resident health while improving financial outcomes for skilled nursing facilities. The Daylight IQ(TM) Software as a Service (SaaS) product combines business administration, disease management and long-term healthcare knowledge to empower the nursing team, reduce medical errors, more efficiently address resident healthcare needs and increase facility revenues. This combination of clinical and technical processes can save millions of dollars a year in preventable hospital readmissions. Additional information regarding COMS Interactive and Daylight IQ(TM) is available at http://www.comsllc.com or by contacting COMS at #330.650.9900.

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