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Save 52,900 Calories This Year By Switching From Red Meat To Bison

April 25, 2012

NEW YORK, April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Moo-ve over beef, Tony Little Body By Bison is hijacking backyard barbecues this summer, providing grill masters across the nation with a healthy yet delicious and affordable alternative to artery clogging red meat. America’s Personal Trainer, Tony Little is proud to announce the nationwide launch of Body By Bison – a smarter, leaner and healthy alternative to beef.

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Offering far more than the average bison burger, Body By Bison delivers an array of protein packed bison products including burgers, hot dogs, breakfast strips, sausages, and bratwurst, all of which have a burst of flavor in every bite. Naturally leaner than beef, bison has less calories and higher amounts of protein than most meat products, making Body By Bison the perfect BBQ choice for bikini season!

The health benefits of replacing your beef and pork products with Body By Bison products are startling. As shown on the accompanying image, the average beef burger has 28g of fat and 375 calories while a Body By Bison Burger had only 6g of fat, 145 calories and 23g of protein!

“No food represents our culture more than the all-American hamburger but as keeping America healthy is my first priority, I felt responsible to find a healthy option to red meat,” said America’s Personal Trainer Tony Little. “Body By Bison has transformed the humble burger into a lean mean fat fighting machine with their healthy red meat substitute: bison.”

Sold at HSN and www.BodyByBison.com, Tony Little Body By Bison is readily available nationwide with a click of a mouse.

It is the season to get outside, so uncover that grill and bring a little Tony Little to your backyard with Body By Bison.

About Body By Bison

Body By Bison is the leading producer of bison products, offering a delicious, affordable and healthy alternative to beef with a variety of product offerings. Backed by America’s Personal Trainer, Tony Little, Body By Bison products are low in calories, low in fat and high in protein, containing more nutritional value than beef. 100% natural and containing no growth hormones, drugs or antibiotics, Body By Bison is the leaner and healthier choice to get America’s health back on track. Body By Bison is made in the United States and is sold exclusively online and through HSN. For more information or to order Body By Bison products, please visit www.BodyByBison.com.

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