Author Of New Book “Superbodies” Tests SuperEssentials™ Aminos and Says, “My Concentration And Energy Levels Shot Through The Roof”

May 4, 2012

Extreme Human Physiologist Dr. Greg Wells of the University of Toronto Reacts To His First Experience With LivingFuel SuperEssentials Aminos On-Camera

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 04, 2012

Dr. Greg Wells´ new book, “Superbodies: How The Science Behind World-Class Athletes Can Transform Your Body And Health,” is scheduled for release in two weeks. Dr. Wells is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education at the University of Toronto and is also an Associate Scientist in Physiology and Experimental Medicine at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. His research specialty is in a field of investigation he calls “exercise medicine.” Dr. Wells is currently appearing in a special series of reports on LivingFuelTV with host KC Craichy.

“I work as an extreme human physiologist,” Dr. Wells told Craichy. “I´m a scientist studying how the body works in extreme conditions, either in chronic diseases like we see at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto or with the Olympic athletes trying to win medals.”

Dr. Wells studies both extremes of human physiology to help people live healthier lives. One of the areas of his research deals with how essential nutrients impact the human body. During a recent interview session with KC Craichy on LivingFuelTV, Dr. Wells tried SuperEssentials Aminos and was surprised by what he experienced.

“Within about 45 seconds – I´m speaking as a scientist now, so I´m a little bit unnerved by the fact I can see colors like crazy” Dr. Wells told Craichy — “my concentration level has shot through the roof, I´m no longer tired. It´s really a little bit unnerving.”

LivingFuel SuperEssentials Aminos is truly the ultimate in essential amino acids. It is ultra pure free form essential acids that´s Certified for Sport and vegetarian friendly with no added flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

“I wrote about protein and amino acid metabolism in Chapter 11 in my book, “The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need,” Craichy told Dr. Wells. “I presented all the research behind SuperEssentials Aminos, but you really can´t understand it until you try it. My wife, Monica, uses SuperEssentials Aminos like most people use coffee.”

Craichy added that elite athletes at the highest levels of sport are regular users of SuperEssentials Aminos. “I have pro athletes who say that they´re in the middle of their sport and they´re able to hyper-concentrate on every little detail of the game; whether it´s hitting a baseball or golf ball.”

Living Fuel´s new SuperEssentials Aminos is the most powerful free form amino acid supplement available today. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and, in fact, the building blocks of life itself. They are essential to optimal metabolic function and critical to growing and maintaining both muscle mass and lean body mass, therefore, the key to human performance.

“If we think about what amino acids and proteins do for the human body, and all the enzymes which deal with all the chemical processes in our bodies,” Dr. Wells told Craichy, “our neurotransmitters which communicate between nerves and our brain and between nerves and muscles, they´re based on amino acids and proteins.”

Dr. Wells goes into greater depth about amino acids and protein during his interview with KC Craichy on LivingFuelTV playing this week. The interview series is leading up to the release of Dr. Wells´ new book, “Superbodies: How The Science Behind World-Class Athletes Can Transform Your body And Health,” on May 15th.

“Dr. Wells is one of the leading experts in extreme human physiology and I believe his new book coming out this month will be a great help to people who want to live healthier, more productive lives,” Craichy said.

Greg Wells, Ph.D. is a scientist and physiologist who specializes in health and performance in extreme conditions. Most recently, Dr. Wells was the host of the Gemini-Award winning “Superbodies” segments for Canada´s national Olympic broadcast and the on-camera sport science and sport medicine analyst for the CTV Broadcast Consortium, ABC News and ABC´s 20/20 during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Dr. Wells´ on-camera analysis will be a part of CTV´s 2012 Olympic broadcast in London. Dr. Wells is also a regular contributor to CTV´s Canada AM, and has appeared on TSN´s Off the Record.

KC CRAICHY is Founder & CEO of Living Fuel — The Leader in Superfood Nutrition, and the best-selling author of “Super Health – 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality,” and the author of “The Super Health Diet — The Last Diet You Will Ever Need!” He is a health advocate and expert on natural health and performance nutrition and host of LivingFuelTV. Craichy´s extensive study of leading-edge health research and collaborative work with top medical and nutritional practitioners and researchers to solve his wife´s health problems led him to the founding of Living Fuel, Inc. Craichy is committed to changing lives through nutritional and multi-media lifestyle education combined with leading-edge high impact superfoods. He also serves on the Clinical Nutrition Review Board (the certifying body of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutrition). Craichy lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife Monica and their five children.

LivingFuel products are distributed in Canada by LivingFuel Canada.

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