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Abbott’s New FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System with Insulin Calculator Now Available in Canada

May 9, 2012

Device is the First Blood Glucose System in North America to Offer
Mealtime Insulin Calculator

TORONTO, May 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Abbott today announced that its new
FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System(1) is now available in diabetes centres and select pharmacies across
Canada. It is the first blood glucose monitoring device in North
America that offers a mealtime insulin calculator for calculating
suggested insulin doses.

The FreeStyle InsuLinx System is designed to offer suggested insulin
doses, as well as other features specifically intended to assist
insulin-using patients in more effectively managing their diabetes. The
user-friendly features include a touch screen interface, automated
logbook, personalization preferences, and USB connectivity for
plug-and-play reports.

More than three million Canadians are living with diabetes(2 )and many of them require insulin to manage their condition. For those
who use insulin, managing diabetes can often involve challenging
calculations to determine an appropriate mealtime insulin dose. In a
diabetes survey conducted in October 2011 by Leger Marketing, 200
Canadian healthcare professionals — including general practitioners,
diabetes nurse educators and endocrinologists — stated that, in their
respective clinics, four in ten mealtime insulin-using patients had
difficulty calculating a mealtime insulin dose.(3) Virtually all health care professionals (HCPs) surveyed (97%) believe
that a patient’s inability to manage insulin therapy limits the
intensity and complexity of the therapy that an HCP can prescribe or

“Insulin is a very important medication in the management of diabetes.
While one of the most understood drugs available, if insulin is not
dosed properly it can lead to serious consequences, most specifically
hypoglycemia.  Fear of hypoglycemia leads to hesitancy to follow
suggested insulin dose adjustments for both patients and health care
providers,” said Lori Berard, RN CDE Nurse Manager at the Health
Sciences Centre Diabetes Research Group Clinical Research Program,
affiliated with the University of Manitoba.

“Some health care professionals are reluctant to prescribe insulin
and/or intensify treatment as they are concerned that errors may occur
when their patients are self adjusting their insulin. For people living
with diabetes, they are often hesitant to self adjust.  It is
encouraging that a product is available that may potentially assist
some patients in their diabetes management. This could provide
additional confidence for providers around proper insulin dosing to
ensure patients are receiving the most effective therapy for their
individual needs,” said Berard.

New Technology Designed to Help Insulin Users

The FreeStyle InsuLinx System is the newest addition to Abbott’s
portfolio of glucose monitoring products and is designed for people
with diabetes who use mealtime (rapid-acting) insulin. The system
offers several features that are designed to enable insulin-using
diabetes patients to more effectively manage their condition,

        --  Mealtime (rapid-acting) insulin calculator for calculating a
            suggested dose
        --  Touch screen designed for ease of use
        --  Automated logbook
        --  Personalization preferences, including weekly messages and pre-
            and post-meal markers, and the ability to upload a personal
            photograph to the FreeStyle InsuLinx monitor
        --  USB connectivity for plug-and-play reports
        --  FreeStyle Auto-Assist software, which is PC- and
            Mac-compatible, designed to help people with diabetes, health
            care teams and caregivers manage diabetes with reports,
            reminders and messages

The FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System is compatible
with the FreeStyle Lite blood glucose test strips with ZipWik tabs(5) which are designed to offer easy blood application, resulting in a
better blood glucose testing experience for people living with
diabetes. Individuals with diabetes who are interested in the FreeStyle
InsuLinx System should consult with their healthcare professional. This
system is now broadly available at diabetes centres and select
pharmacies in Canada.

“We’re pleased to introduce the FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose
Monitoring System in Canada in an effort to assist with the day-to-day
challenges endured by individuals with diabetes who use insulin,” said
Todd Nelson, General Manager, Abbott Diabetes Care Canada. “The
FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the first
innovative system in North America offering insulin calculation
technology and new features specifically designed for insulin-using
patients. This is a significant advance for the many patients in Canada
who may benefit.”

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About Abbott Diabetes Care

Abbott Diabetes Care, based in Alameda, California, is a leader in
developing, manufacturing and marketing glucose monitoring systems
designed to help people better manage their diabetes. Additional
information about Abbott Diabetes Care may be found at www.abbottdiabetescare.com.

About Abbott

Abbott is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to the
discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals
and medical products, including nutritionals, devices and diagnostics.
The company employs approximately 91,000 people and markets its
products in more than 130 countries.

Abbott has been operating in Canada since 1931 and its Canadian
operations are headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. Abbott Canada employs
more than 2,000 people.

Abbott’s news releases and other information are available on the
company’s Web sites at www.abbott.ca and www.abbott.com.


(1 )FreeStyle and related brand marks are trademarks of Abbott Diabetes
Care, Inc. in various jurisdictions.

(2 )Diabetes Facts, Canadian Diabetes Association. Available at http://www.diabetes.ca/diabetes-and-you/what/facts/  Accessed 16 September, 2011

(3)  Leger Marketing Survey Data. Fleishman-Hillard’s Diabetes Study.
September, 2011. (41% of general practitioners, 44% of diabetes nurse
educators, 36% of endocrinologists)

(4)  Leger Marketing Survey Data. Fleishman-Hillard’s Diabetes Study. September, 2011.

((5))( )In Canada, the FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System is
compatible with FreeStyle Lite blood glucose monitoring test strips
with ZipWik tabs.


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