Yogurt Industry Booming: YogoFactory Takes Lead, Opens Franchises

May 9, 2012

With a society increasingly focused on health and customer service, it is no surprise that the make-your-own frozen yogurt business has caught on. YogoFactory is one company poised to take advantage of this trend.

Galloway, NJ (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

With a society increasingly focused on health and customer service, it is no surprise that the make-your-own frozen yogurt business model has caught on. The recent explosion in frozen yogurt businesses caters to the health conscious and sweets-lovers alike, creating one of the most profitable opportunities in recent history. Many seeking to ride the wave success have turned to YogoFactory, a booming new company based out of New Jersey.

“We´re [seeing] seven to eight hundred people a day right now. Even between 10 and midnight. It´s very busy,” says Brian Petruzzi, owner of YogoFactory.

YogoFactory is boasting 31 stores, including 9 franchises and 22 company-owned. While this is impressive for a fairly new business, the most promising aspect of YogoFactory is the growth rate they are exhibiting: an average of 2-4 new stores a week. Fortunately for all franchise owners and prospective franchise owners, this is the golden time in the frozen yogurt franchise revolution; a new trend is sweeping the nation, however it hasn´t gotten to the point where every area has a store. This allows for a nearly guaranteed success with little local competition.

Petruzzi credits much of his success to the versatility of the products offered.

“You either have the people that make the giant heavy sundaes or light healthy [treats],” he explains.

The beauty of this idea is that everyone can be satisfied, allowing for a much broader customer base. On top of this approximately 95% of the flavors are fat-free. This plays perfectly into the health craze that is enveloping the nation, so regardless of where new stores are popping up, there will be a market there for health food.

YogoFactory, however, is no one-trick pony. Another important facet of this business is the fun community hangout atmosphere it promotes.

“We don´t want people to rush in and rush out. This is a place to hang out.”

People are encouraged to sit, eat, and watch television at YogoFactory. Because this is so different from most other food stores, it offers a refreshing feel that is hard to come by. For this reason a YogoFactory is sure to become centric in many neighborhoods, especially in an age when relaxed social settings are so hard to come by in the food industry.

The popularity of frozen yogurt has grown exponentially over the last few years, and it is expected to grow even more in the near future. YogoFactory will continue to franchise and expand, and many should expect to see a store in your area soon.

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