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Elsevier Launches Second Annual ‘Mosby’s Superheroes of Nursing’ Contest During Nurses Week 2012

May 11, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, May 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Nationwide contest identifies real superheroes of nursing; new “villain”

joins the superheroes

Elsevier [http://www.elsevier.com ], a world-leading provider of scientific, technical
and medical information products and services, announced today the launch of its second
annual Mosby’s Nursing Suite [http://www.confidenceconnected.com ] “Superheroes of
Nursing” contest, aimed at recognizing the work and dedication of individual nursing
professionals. The contest officially opened for 2012 applicants during Nurses Week (May
6-12), and calls for applicants who fit into four categories – The Validators, The
Achievers, The Educators, and The Protectors, to battle the villainous Obstructo.

According to last year’s “The Educator” winner, Ronald Oman, who works in the Grays
Harbor Community Hospital nurse residency program, “My first love is nursing, and
education is my passion. It was a great honor to be recognized with this award for the
work our residency program has done. In a rural community, it’s difficult to find nurses
with ED and CCU experience. Our residency program, with Elsevier’s online education
programs, helps train the critical care and emergency nurses. It’s been a good fit. I have
been able to help the hospital increase its staff.” To learn more about the 2011 winners,
visit http://confidenceconnected.com/connect.

To add another element to the four superheroes, Elsevier has introduced a villain in
this year’s contest, Obstructo, who represents anything that can get in the way of
effective patient care, including inconsistent information, uncertain answers, and
uninformed patients.

“For the second year, we again wanted to enable nurses around the country to show
their appreciation for the nurses who fight for their patients and their institutions
every day – they are some of the true superheroes of healthcare,” said Barbara Nelson
Cullen, Vice President, Strategy and Content Development for Elsevier. “Nursing brings a
new set of challenges to all who practice, and sometimes being recognized by your peers is
a great way for those in the profession to come together, share their ‘war stories’ and
appreciate one another’s efforts.”

Videos, photos, and essays can be used from May through August to nominate a deserving
nurse on Mosby’s Nursing Suite’s Facebook
[https://www.facebook.com/MosbysNursingSuite?sk=app_116824945065054 ]. A key issue defining
the nominator submission topic will be featured each month. Elsevier will narrow down the
nominations to a select few submissions that best represent one of the key four categories
and the winner will be chosen from these applicants by the fans on Facebook.

The Mosby Nursing Suite offers four powerful online nursing resources that provide
education, reference, research tools, and support at the point of care. The “Superheroes
of Nursing” campaign illustrates how the utilization of these solutions helps develop
real-life nursing superheroes to combat the ever present villain, Obstructo.

Additional information can be found by “liking” the Mosby Nursing Suite Facebook page,
which offers current news and announcements. The winners will be announced during the ANCC
Magnet Conference, Oct. 10-12, 2012, in Los Angeles.

For more information about the contest, including links to Mosby’s Nursing Suite
Facebook, visit mosbysheroes.com
[https://www.facebook.com/MosbysNursingSuite?sk=app_116824945065054 ].

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