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Oncos Therapeutics Initiates Phase I Clinical Study of CGTG-102, an Oncolytic Adenovirus for the Treatment of Solid Tumor Cancers

May 28, 2012

HELSINKI, Finland, May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Oncos Therapeutics today announced the successful initiation of its Phase I clinical
study of CGTG-102, an oncolytic adenovirus suggested as a potential new treatment for many
types of solid tumors. The first patients have already completed the safety assessment
part of the study.

“We are proud to be the first clinic in Northern Europe to start a clinical study with
oncolytic viruses,” comments the Principal Investigator of the study, Chief Physician of
Docrates Hospital, Dr. Timo Joensuu. “We believe that oncolytic adenoviruses, a generally
well tolerated therapy, will have an important role in the future of cancer treatments.”

“In our earlier experimental use the treatment has appeared to be safe for cancer
patients. We really look forward to establishing the same safety in a clinical study with
a more advanced dosing schedule. We believe the schedule used in the trial will also
eventually contribute to the efficacy of the therapy,” adds Helsinki University’s Research
Professor Akseli Hemminki, co-inventor of CGTG-102 and co-founder of Oncos Therapeutics.

The patient data cumulated over the past 5 years have contributed significantly to the
design of the entire clinical development program of the company. “In addition to existing
clinical safety data, which is unique to this stage of development, we also have a wealth
of supportive data to guide the selection of target tumor types, optimal treatment
administration, and other essential elements including clues regarding mechanism of action
and possible biomarkers. We are very excited about the design of our entire development
program driven by clinical data,” summarizes Chief Medical Officer and Head of Research of
Oncos Therapeutics, Mikael von Euler.

About Oncos Therapeutics

Oncos Therapeutics, based in Helsinki, Finland, develops novel cancer therapies based
on its next generation oncolytic viruses. Its clinical development program of the lead
virus CGTG-102 is based on clinical experience from an experimental treatment program with
ten different oncolytic viruses, and is planned to expand into several countries in the
near future. For more information about Oncos visit http://www.oncos.com.

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