New Survey by Narconon Riverbend Shows That Most Addicts Try Drugs Before Age 14

June 2, 2012

Over 85% of drug addicts have used drugs before reaching majority.

Denham Springs, LA (PRWEB) June 02, 2012

As any parent would likely agree, it seems that kids grow up all too quickly these days. While some parents´ worries these days focus on classic problems like teen sexuality, bullying, academic performance, and other popular favorites; there´s no question that the issue of drug abuse has become more relevant than ever for concerned parents. In an era in which people can get just about anything they want on the internet, and in which kids grow up knowing how to text, tweet, and post on Facebook, children can get into trouble more readily than ever.

A new survey by Narconon Riverbend, a drug rehab in Louisiana, confirms this truism. Their survey* shows that almost 50% of addicts try drugs before the age of 14. Another 36% hold off until the ripe old age of 14-16 to try their first illegal substance. Narconon´s survey results are in keeping with other official sources regarding teen initiation into drug abuse. Approximately 20.1 million people aged 12 or older reported using illicit drugs in the month prior to being surveyed, according to a 2008 government study. Of the group between the ages of 12 and 17, 9.3% were current illicit drug users–almost 1 in every 10 children.

Some parents might take comfort in the fact that, overall, teens´ use of substances (with the exception of inhalants and prescription opiates) has dropped slightly in recent years. Still, authorities say that illegal drug use remains a leading cause of death and injury among young people, as well as a major source of long-term mental, physical, and social problems for youth. One source reports that 75% of teens have tried alcohol, while 26% have had an episode of heavy or binge drinking in the last 20 days. The leading cause of death among teens and young adults is in fact car crashes related to alcohol consumption. If you´re a parent of a teen, it seems that now more than ever, communication about the dangers of substance abuse is a must. Heroin rehabs, which deal with one of the most dangerous and lethal addictions, report that teenage and pre-teen drug abuse can often result in your trying harder drugs to keep getting their high.

  • Narconon Riverbend´s survey was conducted on addicts seeking treatment, and, with the sample size used, there is a 12.5% margin of error.

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