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New Comprehensive Pain Management Program Offered at Beverly Hospital at Danvers Addresses Significant Health Problem

June 4, 2012

DANVERS, Mass. and BEVERLY, Mass., June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Pain affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives, and, in the worst cases, diminishes quality of life and livelihood. In fact, pain is a significant health problem affecting more than 100 million people and costing society at least $560-$635 billion annually in both health care and lost productivity costs.* Now research shows that pain patients do better with a comprehensive approach to care that addresses the needs of the whole person, body and mind — combining clinical and integrative therapies. That is why Beverly Hospital at Danvers Pain Management Center is launching a new integrated model of care offering not only traditional state-of-the-art pain medication and injection services, but a range of behavioral health, physical and integrative medicine treatments to help patients with acute and chronic pain.

The new care model offers a full complement of pain medicine services, including the latest pain injection therapies, medications and medication management, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and addiction counseling as well as integrative therapies, such as acupuncture, Reiki and massage therapy in a custom-designed care plan for patients.

“We have created this multi-specialty center so that our patients have the very best treatment options, since we now know that pain patients do best when treated in this kind of comprehensive treatment environment,” says Dr. Kenneth Branton, medical director of the Pain Management Center. “I’m very excited about our ability to offer this level of care and services,” he says.

The Pain Center’s multi-disciplinary team includes physician specialists in pain medicine, neurosurgery, and physiatry; a nurse practitioner; behavioral health and addiction/psychiatry specialists; and physical therapists, as well as Reiki therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy services.

An estimated 116 million people in the US experience acute or chronic pain each year, and more people suffer from pain than from leading diseases combined, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes, according to the American Academy of Pain Management. Pain can be the result of injury or disease, but it can also be the disease itself, as in the case of neuropathic pains or headaches. And, pain exacts a heavy toll on the individual. “Pain adversely affects a person’s quality of life, causing him or her to have difficulty with activities of daily living, such as cooking, cleaning, and dressing. And, it can cause depression and anxiety and interfere with job performance and interpersonal relationships,” says. Branton.

Dr. Anthony LoMonaco, who is double board certified in anesthesia and pain management, feels that patients suffering from pain need to have an active role in the management of their pain. “Developing coping skills can help change the way a person responds to and manages pain. Coping is a very important step in feeling physically and emotionally better sooner,” says LoMonaco, who adds that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important for pain just as it is for heart disease and diabetes. Pain patients need to be mindful of proper diet, exercise, and smoking cessation.

Amber Dewey, RN, NPC, the center’s nurse practitioner agrees. The goal of the program is to offer patients the best chance for getting back to their lives with as little pain as possible, using multiple strategies for pain prevention and management, she says. She says, “A large part of my job is coordinating the various aspects of the treatment plan, and working with the patient every step of the way.” In addition to specializing in pain management, Dewey is an expert in medications management, and is well versed in the use and misuse of narcotics.

“One of the many advantages to our program,” says Patrick McInnis, executive director, Beverly Hospital at Danvers, Medical and Day Surgery Center, “is that it’s a hospital-based program, which means that all aspects of care, including the prescribing of drugs, are strictly regulated. This is not true of private practice programs.” Being a hospital-based program also makes it possible for patients to receive a variety of services in one location.

Karen Pischke, BSN, RN, CCRN Alumnus, RMT, is a nurse and a Reiki therapist on the team. “I think many patients can benefit from Reiki, and it is great to work with these other specialists to mediate pain,” she says. In Reiki, the practitioner’s goal is to induce deep relaxation and open energy channels. Many patients have reported decreased pain upon eliciting a relaxation response and increased energy flow.

Patients referred to the center are thoroughly evaluated by a physician for all their pain-related needs. A personalized care plan is then developed that encompasses as many or as few of the programs offerings as appropriate. Each patient’s case receives ongoing review by the multi-disciplinary team. And Dewey works to coordinate needed services, keep the team and referring physicians informed on patient status, and be a resource to patients throughout the treatment plan.

“My hope is that patients will take advantage of the center’s new multidisciplinary approach. By incorporating physical therapy, pharmacologic, interventional and integrative treatments along with psychological support and encouragement, we plan to obtain the best outcomes possible for our patients and reduce the impact that pain has on their daily lives. As such, I envision that our pain center will be the center of excellence for the North Shore,” says Branton.

For more information about the new Pain Management Center, call 978-304-8600 or go to www.beverlyhospital.org/paincontrol

* As reported on the website of the American Academy of Pain Medicine.

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