Author and Educator, Dr. Yvonne Corppetts Announces Her New Seminar “Adult Bullying in the Workplace: Preventing A Toxic Work Environment”

June 4, 2012

Workplace bullying can be the silent killer of an individual’s self-esteem, physical and emotional well-being. Call it what it is; workplace bullying is aggressive, even violent, behavior that needs great attention for millions of people who are employed and experiencing its devastating effects.

Columbia, SC (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

“Bullying is aggressive, even violent behavior, that should not be tolerated at home, at school, at work, no where,” says Dr. Yvonne Corppetts, who lectures on bullies and bullying in the workplace. Dr. Corppetts is offering sociology courses on identification and prevention strategies for workplace aggression at Webster University. Seminars are now being offered to private business and non-profit organizations. She cites Margaret R. Kohut,MSW who contends that 23 million Americans will encounter bullying in the workplace. Dr. Corppetts reveals some common misconceptions about adult bullying:

  • Kids may bully each other, not adults
  • It is no big deal because little damage is done
  • Adults should be able to handle each other
  • Men in particular do not fall prey to bullying
  • It is easy to identify the adult bully
  • People who bully get fired, not promoted

According to Dr. Corppetts, bullying like domestic violence can be in the form of physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse. Individuals can feel victimized in the workplace by cliques, being targeted unfairly as an inefficient worker or trouble-maker, being sabotaged, and much more. The behaviors of bullies can be overt or very subtle causing physical and psychological toll that can be devastating.

An empowered worker has a better chance of withstanding and overcoming bullying in the workplace, however Dr. Corppetts states that high self-esteem alone does not prevent or minimize necessarily the aggressive behaviors of adult bullies. Victims often need support and guidance by employers establishing a “No Tolerance” policy for issues of workplace harrassment. Education on identifying real or perceived behaviors of abuse/aggression/harrassment in the work environment and how to report it should be for all employees at every level, says Corppetts.

“Most importantly, willingness to do something about the matter of workplace bullying once it is reported is key” says Corppetts. “Not sweeping it under the rug, treating the employee who reports it as being the one who is wrong, or making the situation worse for him or her. Workplace bulllying not only costs the employee subjected to this behavior but companies lose big time through higher absenteeism, turn-over of workers, workers’ lack of commitment or pride in work and company, AND legal issues to name a few.”

Dr. Corppetts is an adjunct professor at Webster University/Columbia Metropolitan Campus who lectures on Dealing with Difficult People and Bullies at Work. Contact Dr. Yvonne Corppetts for speaking engagements at (803) 727-0344 or via her website at http://www.dryvonnecorppetts.com You can also purchase her book “Take Charge for Major Success: A Guide to Living Your Best Life” on her website or Amazon.com

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