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Prenatal Massage Los Angeles Moms-to-Be Can Enjoy Above or Under Water, Now at AquaCareforMe.com

June 8, 2012

LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — When women are expecting to give birth, they often experience a sense of joy and euphoria – but just as often, such feelings are accompanied by aches and pains, swelling, heaviness, fatigue, sciatica, and stress-fueled mood swings, all of which can make pregnancy challenging for the mind and the body. Overcoming these symptoms and preparing for the act of giving birth can be accomplished with the right outlook, however, along with the right therapy. At Aqua Care for Me, trained professionals are delivering the prenatal massage Los Angeles mothers-to-be need to unwind, release stress and tension, and ensure an easier birthing process. With massage treatments available both in a traditional setting with cushions and pillows to improve comfort and create correct spinal alignment and underwater with revolutionary Watsu® techniques, the firm’s sessions are particularly sought out during the third trimester of pregnancy, but can be enjoyable and effective at any stage of expectant motherhood.

Relaxation and an overall sense of well-being can be critical for a positive experience of pregnancy, and can go a long way towards improving physical and emotional health for both mother and child. Yet these goals are sometimes quite difficult to attain while the body undergoes major changes and hormonal influences can make even the most regular routines seem intimidating. Prenatal massage Los Angeles solutions at Aqua Care for Me address these common concerns by guiding the body and mind towards a more calm and centered state, aided by the human touch, which can be a great source of comfort for bodies and minds in distress. Aqua Care for Me’s team of experienced professional massage therapists employ gentle yet effective techniques to help reduce strain on joints, relax muscles, and improve circulation throughout the body. The result is a lighter, more serene sense of self, free from the discomfort often associated with pregnancy.

Embracing the positive aspects of pregnancy and releasing its common uncomfortable side effects are a dream no longer too distant to achieve. With the helping hands at Aqua Care for Me, prenatal massage Los Angeles clients can find the ultimate in relaxation and renewal whether they’d like to explore massage in the weightless environment of warm water or above ground in a cushioned sea of comfort.

About Aqua Care for Me:

Serving the communities of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and South Bay, Aqua Care for Me is home to the best hydrotherapy Los Angeles offers today. The firm’s experienced practitioners focus on the healing opportunities of water to increase the efficiency and efficacy of every treatment and class.


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