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Medispec Sees Rapid Worldwide Expansion

June 11, 2012

GERMANTOWN, Maryland, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

World leader of shockwave therapy solutions benefits from new product development,
territory expansion and market growth

Medispec [http://www.medispec.com ], a world leader in shockwave therapy, has
announced a new phase of rapid expansion for their clinically-effective medical solutions.
Medispec [http://www.medispec.com ]‘s non-invasive medical treatments have paved new paths
within the global medical community, becoming the preferred treatment method for a wide
range of health issues. Traditionally used for kidney stones
[http://www.medispec.com/solutions/urology/feed ], the non-invasive treatment has spread to
the areas of cardiology [http://www.medispec.com/solutions/erectile-dysfunction ],
orthopedics [http://www.medispec.com/solutions/orthopedics-physiotherapy ] and cellulite
control [http://www.medispec.com/solutions/aesthetics ] – and all with excellent results.
Medispec [http://www.medispec.com ] recently made headlines with its revolutionary
treatments for ischemic heart disorder (ISD) and erectile dysfunction (ED)
[http://www.medispec.com/solutions/erectile-disfunction ].

As a response to the high demand by physicians and clinics worldwide, Medispec
[http://www.medispec.com ] has broadened its global sales reach and increased its level of
product support to markets around the globe. The company has extended the scope and number
of clinical trials conducted in cooperation with industry leaders and specialists and has
enlarged its network of partnerships with medical experts.

Headquartered in the US, Medispec [http://www.medispec.com ] has expanded its global
network of distributors and satellite offices, which currently includes a network of more
than 80 local distributors in the majority of countries worldwide. In addition, the
company has over 3000 installations at governments, universities, hospitals, and private

Established in 1992, Medispec’s line of innovative, high-performance shockwave
technology [http://www.medispec.com/technology ] systems is customized for a wide range of
medical treatments. Medispec’s innovative and cost-effective treatments eliminate the need
for invasive procedures, anesthesia and undesirable side effects. The majority of Medispec
products comply with FDA and CE regulations.

For more information about Medispec and its solutions, visit the company’s website at
http://www.medispec.com or visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/MedispecLtd

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