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Crown Dynamics Launches AIR(R) Patented Sleep/Snore Product Line

June 12, 2012

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Crown Dynamics Corp., (OTC.BB: CDYY) today announced the release of it’s patented AIR® Sleep/Snore product
line. The products are infused with a calming proprietary blend of
therapeutic essential oils shown to promote sleep while gently dilating
nasal passages to help increase oxygen flow and decrease snoring.

“After years of research and development, we’re excited that we can
deliver to consumers a product that is unlike anything else found in
the market today” said David Dolezal, President of Airware Labs. “We’re
proud to offer our unique AIR® Sleep/Snore product which combines essential oils with our AIR® Breathe product that has been clinically proven to significantly reduce
snoring. More and more consumers are looking to natural products for
relief from a variety of symptoms. We believe this is the biggest
advancement in the over the counter sleep/snore market to date.”

The active ingredient is Lavender, a pant made into essential oils used
as a remedy for a range of ailments from insomnia and anxiety to
depression and fatigue. University of Maryland researchers have
confirmed that lavender produces slight calming, soothing, and sedative
effects when its scent is inhaled.

While individual suffering is hard to measure, the direct costs of
insomnia treatments, healthcare services, hospital and nursing home
care are estimated to be nearly $14 billion! Indirect costs – such as
work loss, property damage from accidents, and transportation to and
from healthcare providers – are estimated at $28 billion. The World
health Organization and Harvard Medical School found that insomnia and
poor sleep cost the American economy a staggering $63 billion in lost

Crown Dynamics’ Airware Labs recently published clinical trial designed
to determine the efficacy of its AIR® Breathe products for users and
sleep quality for their partners. The product, which acts as an
internal nasal dilator as opposed to adhesive nasal strips placed on
the outside of the nose, demonstrated substantial alleviation of
snoring in AIR® Breathe users, resulting in sounder, more restful sleep
for users as well as 88% of their bed partners.

Epidemiologic data indicates that up to 50% of adults snore on a regular
basis. Not only is snoring bothersome to bed partners — who on average
lose 2 hours of sleep per night, it has other serious health
ramifications. Snoring is an auditory reminder that obstruction of the
airway is occurring, and has been linked to cancer, increases in blood
pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

About Crown Dynamics Corporation
Crown Dynamics provides innovative technology solutions and consumer
product offerings that promote better health and enhance the wellbeing
of people. Crown Dynamics’, products and services, such as AIR® by
AirWare Labs, provide consumers around the world with safe and
effective methods to control their own personal environment. AIR®
filter products contain 3M filters for allergy sufferers and for
mass-transit travelers. Other AIR® products help with congestion,
insomnia, headaches, nausea and snoring. Crown’s Pomcom and Watchtower
technology provide point-of-care protection at home or in an assisted
living environment.

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