Licensed Therapist Ryan Wynder Offers a Helping Hand to People with Porn & Masturbation Addiction

June 15, 2012

Porn addiction has become a serious problem in last few decades. However, not much help is available for people who are struggling with these addictions. Keeping in mind the need for a strong platform for porn addicts, Ryan Wynder, licensed family therapist from Las Vegas, has come up with a website that is lending a helping hand to people with excessive porn and masturbation addiction.


It is no secret that a vast majority of men and even women use Internet to access sexual information and pornography. People may not even realize that they have become Porn addicts until their addiction starts to disturb their daily routine and other people related to them. Only an expert therapist can help an individual overcome this addiction.

Ryan Wynder, who is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, has helped a lot of people get rid of this problem and get back to their normal life. Every day, a big number of people seek his advice on how to break porn addiction. In order to help a wider circle of people, Ryan is also offering one-on-one sessions on his website: http://www.overcomepornography.com.

As an expert in the field of relationship and marriages, Ryan understands the state of mind of people who suffer from porn and masturbation addiction. He has become a go to men for most people who look for the solution for their masturbation or porn addictions. Ryan says, “Pornography obviously doesn´t just affect the person who is looking at pornography, but their significant other as well. I would say that 90% of my clients struggling with porn addiction- are concerned about how porn is hurting their existing relationships.”

Porn addiction does not only ruin relationships of people but also ruin their lives. It starts a chain of reactions that paralyzes the life of a porn addict completely. In the beginning, a porn addict may view pornography occasionally. This occasional addiction may turn into a regular problem. The addict may eventually get involved in questionable acts like visiting strip clubs and sleeping with prostitutes. These habits may result in broken relationships and even lost jobs and business opportunities.

Because of the gravity of the problem, people need to curb porn addiction as soon as possible. The relatives of an addict may also encourage the addict to seek professional guidance. Even if an addict is not prepared to talk to a professional, he may look at Ryan´s website and read informational resources on pornography and masturbation addiction.

http://www.overcomepornography.com presents comprehensive material on pornography addiction and its impacts on the life of person. These resources also discuss the issues of people who are suffering from the addiction of pornography and masturbation and how they can overcome this problem in a short period of time. The website also features success stories of Ryan´s clients who have been able to overcome this problem with Ryan´s professional assistance. The website gives free access to a lot of videos, newsletters and articles that are helpful in highlighting the problems and solutions related to pornography addiction.

Pornography addiction has become a very serious problem in the last decade. Millions of people around the world are watching questionable content on the internet and ruining their lives. Most of them need professional help in overcoming these problems. A professional therapist like Ryan can help affected individuals in leading a normal life and repairing the damage that has already been done to their life.

More information about how to quit porn can be obtained at http://www.overcomepornography.com.

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