Pornography and Masturbation Addiction Can Be Cured – Las Vegas Therapist Shares His Ideas

June 19, 2012

Las Vegas based therapist shares valuable ideas for people who find it hard to overcome pornography and masturbation addiction.


Some problems in life do not look very serious in the beginning, but they become bigger when people overlook them all the time. Pornography and masturbation addiction is certainly one of these issues that do not look very threatening but are capable of plaguing the lives of individuals. The good news is that these problems can be cured with the help of systematic approach and professional assistance. This has been proved by Ryan Wynder, a certified marriage and relationship therapist, who has helped thousands of individuals in overcoming these problems.

Ryan is of the view that people who engage in pornography and masturbation acts often do so for recreation. But in many cases, occasional involvement in such acts turns into an addiction and this type of addiction cannot be overcome without professional help. In fact, porn and masturbation addiction is like drug addiction, which is easy to start but extremely hard to get rid of. Therefore, people need right direction and zeal to beat this overwhelming addiction. It is also important to note that porn and masturbation addiction is common in both men and women, though there are more men than women who suffer from this type of addiction.

Mark kastleman, who is a well-known speaker and training, shares his views about this problem in his book “The Drug of the New Millennium”. He says, “The chemicals in our brain are utilized in the pornography industry to draw us towards their product. Male and Female brains are chemically wired different, in particular when it comes to arousal. Men are more visual creatures and can draw sexual gratification through our eyes. We are turned on by sexual nudity in any way shape or form! We have a visual spark plug when it comes to viewing the female body. Women´s sexual stimulation is often tied to touch and relationship, thus it may be hard for them to understand the visual overload men experience.”

Pornography and masturbation addiction has become serious problems for today´s men because of the increased exposure to sexual content on various media. The end result can be very devastating for some of them. There have been many cases where individuals have suffered a loss of relationship or job because of their increased obsession with sexuality. Therefore, it becomes important to get professional advice to break porn addiction successfully.

Ryan believes that this problem can be cured if the affected individual is determined to make required changes in his or her life. Ryan talks about various issues related to porn addiction on his website: http://www.overcompornography.com. He discusses sensitive issues like how to deal with the guilt associated with porn addiction, how to overcome porn and masturbation addiction without limiting the use of internet and how to identify the porn addiction symptoms in loved ones.

Ryan´s website is a great resource of any individual who is finding it hard to overcome pornography or who want to help a suffering friend or family member. The information provided on this website has helped many individuals who were looking for authentic solutions for their problems. More information can be obtained by visiting the overcomepornography.com.

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