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Landacorp Announces Health Revolution Group at AHIP’s Institute 2012

June 20, 2012

CHICO, Calif., June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Landacorp will introduce the Health Revolution Group that offers collaborative care technology services, at America’s Health Insurance Plans’ (AHIP) Institute 2012, June 20-22, in Salt Lake City, UT.

Building on its strong existing partnerships with large health plans and healthcare delivery systems, Landacorp is extending its technology offerings to bring new value in care collaboration through the formation of Health Revolution Group.

“There is valuable health data today that resides in disparate, latent locations across the healthcare continuum that is difficult to access by providers, payers and members, thus inhibiting collaboration,” said Jay Dunlap, General Manager of Landacorp. “Landacorp’s Health Revolution Group provides collaborative care technology and services that share relevant and timely information for a more efficient healthcare system that enables better decisions and lower costs.”

Areas of emphasis for the Health Revolution Group include:

  • Data analytics/analysis and enhanced member profiling to improve the efficiency and ROI on clinical interventions and disease management programs;
  • Mobile care alerts to provide full-circle outreach, education and actions from health plan to member and back to health plan. Members can act directly from telephonic, email and smart phone notifications;
  • Continuity of Care Document (CCD) Exchange for admission avoidance and reduction, as well as better decision making across the healthcare continuum; and
  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO) technology hub for entities that desire to manage risk and bundled payment populations.

The Health Revolution Group is harnessing the talent of senior actuarial, development and product management leaders to deliver new value in collaborative healthcare technology. The team includes Aaron Johnson, Vice President, Research & Development, Jim Dolstad, Vice President of Reporting & Actuarial Services, and Peter Cullen, Product Manager.

To learn more about the Health Revolution Group, please contact Landacorp at info@landacorp.com or call 1-866-828-8263.

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Landacorp has been creating software solutions for health plans and healthcare-delivery organizations for more than 25 years. Proven to perform in the largest user groups, the company’s CareRadius Suite automatically identifies the right members for timely and cost-effective intervention; enables highly efficient collaboration among providers, members and health plans; and delivers clinical care tools that improve member health. Visit www.landacorp.com for more information.

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