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Pancreatic Cancer Action Host Unique Let’s Talk About #pancreaticcancer Twitter Support Event

June 21, 2012

HASLEMERE, England, June 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The Pancreatic Cancer activists congregate over Twitter to provide an

exclusive question and answer session – all about pancreatic cancer

This Friday 22 June 2012, Pancreatic Cancer Action are hosting a special and unique
event. Taking to the Twitter-o-sphere, the cancer experts are providing an extraordinary
question and answer session that is open to the wider Twitter populous. Coined, Let’s Talk
About, the event aims to provide a very different approach to pancreatic cancer support.
Whether you are currently living with pancreatic cancer, supporting a friend or relative
with the cancer or simply have a question relating to pancreatic cancer, ask Pancreatic
Cancer Action [http://pancreaticcanceraction.org ] this Friday.

The Q&A day is designed to help and support those who are seeking advice, a word of
encouragement or a virtual hug from those who know what living with the cancer is like.
Pancreatic Cancer Action also aim to provide information to those who are interested in
pancreatic cancer or need pointing in the right direction for further assistance regarding
concerns or anxieties.

Pancreatic cancer claims so many lives every year in the UK alone but the disease,
although prolific in the medical and charity sectors, continues to reside in a grey area
socially. Let’s Talk About aspires to start talking about the cancer in a different, more
approachable way.

The Q&A provides a rare opportunity to ask a select group of cancer experts anything
relating to pancreatic cancer – how does it start, is it genetic, what are the survival
rates, can animals contract the disease, what the top five hospitals for pancreatic cancer
- and receive live answers.

The event takes place on 22 June 2012 and is split into three 1 hour slots: 9am, 1pm
and 4:30pm. Those who wish to ask a question should be logged into Twitter and use the
following Twitter handles:

@OfficialPCA followed by #pancreaticcancer

Hosted by Pancreatic Cancer Action the live sessions are pancreatic cancer exclusive
and are intended to raise awareness and generate more conversation surrounding the
disease, both online and off-line.

Let’s talk about cancer with Pancreatic Cancer Action

About Pancreatic Cancer Action

Dedicated to raising awareness about pancreatic cancer, Pancreatic Cancer Action are
led by founder and campaigner, Ali Stunt. The charity’s mission is to see an increased
awareness surrounding pancreatic cancer, both in terms of the general population and among
the medical community. With support from many leading clinicians and researchers in the
pancreatic cancer arena, and with Hollywood actor Hugh Grant as patron, Pancreatic Cancer
Action work tirelessly towards improving the pancreatic cancer survival rate. Sign the
pancreatic cancer e-petition now
[https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/22411 ] to get Pancreatic Cancer
debated in Parliament.

SOURCE Pancreatic Cancer Action

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