2012 Proves to Be Strong Year for Anti-Hemophilic Factor Distribution, Despite Market Competition

June 21, 2012

Strategic focus and robust portfolio of services continue to create record distribution trend for specialty biotech distributor BDI Pharma.

Columbia, SC (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

BDI Pharma, Inc. (BDI), the nation´s fastest growing national distributor of biotech therapies, after finishing the previous calendar year with a record level of distribution in anti-hemophilic factor (AHF), announced today that through the first five (5) months of 2012, the company´s distribution is tracking twenty-eight percent (28%) ahead of the sales volume during the same time period in calendar year 2011.

Hemophilia is a hereditary, rare blood disorder which impairs the body´s ability to clot. Factor replacement therapy, including infusions of the deficient clotting factor, can help to control the symptoms. BDI Pharma distributes various forms of this anti-hemophilic factor – sterile solutions of concentrated Factor 7a (FVIIa), Factor 8 (FVIII) and Factor 9 (FIX) – which are protein substances normally found in blood plasma essential to the clotting process. These coagulation factors are derived through both recombinant and plasma technologies. FVIII is administered intravenously for the treatment of Hemophilia A. Certain plasma derived forms of FVIII (pdFVIII) that contain von Willebrand Factor (vWF) may be used to treat von Willebrand Disease (vWD). FIX is used in the management of Hemophilia B and FVIIa is used by hemophilia patients who have developed inhibitors to FVIII and FIX.

“Our commitment to providing life saving therapies to patients with Hemophilia is the driving force behind the success we have had over the years. BDI recognized this need over 17 years ago when we started operations,” stated Edward Stiefel, Jr., President and Co-Founder of BDI Pharma. “Patient needs are the very backbone of this commitment.”

About BDI Pharma, Inc.

Since 1995, BDI Pharma has defined its customer-centric approach to serving the nation’s healthcare community through innovative supply solutions, unparalleled customer service, extensive product knowledge, 24/7 emergency availability and urgent-need delivery. An open-access resource for reference material, educational literature, market data and online ordering, bdipharma.com (ivig.com) has become an industry-renowned point of reference. Proprietary programs for comprehensive reimbursement services — bdiaccess.com; specialty veterinarians — 4legpharma.com; product consignment — consignadvantage.com; flu pre-booking and general vaccine ordering — securivax.com; and purchasing programs — securigam.com and qoreprogram.com round out a family of solutions tailored to the needs of the healthcare community at large.

BDI Pharma´s portfolio includes branded and generic specialty biopharmaceuticals, chemotherapy products, vaccines, albumin, IVIG, coagulation factors, high-titer or “hyper” immune globulins, and other specialty injectables. BDI Pharma is recognized as an “ADR,” or Authorized Distributor of Record, for all of the manufacturers it represents.


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