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Demand for Product Pipeline Review and Analysis Rises in the Global Pharma Industry

June 28, 2012

NEW YORK, LONDON, BERLIN, PARIS, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Pharma Product Pipeline Review
[http://www.reportstack.com/subcategory_report/11/211/233/Pharma-Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/product-pipeline-and-forecast-market-research-reports.html ]
and Competitor analysis
reports have seen a steady rise in the Pharma and Healthcare Industry lately. The product
pipeline reports are segregated into company based pipeline review and disease based
pipeline reports.

The company based pipeline review talks about a particular company’s research and
development focus, information on current developmental pipeline and features on
discontinued and dormant projects for all disease and conditions. Whereas the disease
based pipeline reports provide information on the therapeutic development, special
features on the clinical stage, late-stage and discontinued projects for that particular

Scope of the Company based pipeline review and analysis
[http://www.reportstack.com/subcategory_report/11/211/233/Pharma-Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/product-pipeline-and-forecast-market-research-reports.html ]

        - Overview of the company including business description, key information
          and facts and its locations and subsidiaries.
        - Review of current pipeline of the company's human therapeutic division.
        - Overview of pipeline therapeutics across various therapy areas.
        - Coverage of current pipeline molecules in various stages of drug development,
          including the combination treatment modalities, across the globe.
        - Product profiles for clinical stage products
          [http://www.reportstack.com/subcategory_report/11/211/233/Pharma-Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/product-pipeline-and-forecast-market-research-reports.html ]
          and late stage
          products with complete description of the product's developmental history, mechanism
          of action, therapeutic class, target and major milestones.
        - Key discontinued and dormant projects.
        - Latest news and deals relating to the products of the company.

Scope of the Disease based pipeline review and analysis
[http://www.reportstack.com/subcategory_report/11/211/233/Pharma-Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/product-pipeline-and-forecast-market-research-reports.html ]

        - Provides snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for the disease.
        - Presents review of the products under development by companies and
          universities/research institutes based on information derived from company and
          industry-specific sources.
        - Coverage of products based on various stages of development ranging from
          discovery till registration stages.
        - Detailed feature on pipeline projects on the basis of monotherapy and combined
        - Coverage of the disease pipeline on the basis of route of administration and
          molecule type.
        - Profiles of late-stage pipeline products
          [http://www.reportstack.com/subcategory_report/11/211/233/Pharma-Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/product-pipeline-and-forecast-market-research-reports.html ]
          featuring sections
          on product description, mechanism of action and research & development progress.
        - Key discontinued pipeline projects along with the latest news and deals
          relating to the product.

Some of the Company Product Pipeline Analysis Reports
[http://www.reportstack.com/subcategory_report/11/212/Pharma-Healthcare/company-profiles-market-research-reports.html ]

Celldex Therapeutics Product Pipeline Review 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/67529/celldex-therapeutics-inc-product-pipeline-review-2012.html ]

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Product Pipeline Review 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/67535/dr-reddys-laboratories-limited-product-pipeline-review-2012.html ]

Galderma Product Pipeline Review 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/67539/galderma-sa-product-pipeline-review-2012.html ]

Gilead Sciences Product Pipeline Review 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/67540/gilead-sciences-inc-product-pipeline-review-2012.html ]

Hospira Product Pipeline Review 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/67541/hospira-inc-product-pipeline-review-2012.html ]

bioMerieux Product Pipeline Analysis
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/84560/biomerieux-sa-bim-product-pipeline-analysis.html ]

Some of the Disease Pipeline Analysis Reports
[http://www.reportstack.com/subcategory_report/11/211/233/Pharma-Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/product-pipeline-and-forecast-market-research-reports.html ]

Emphysema – Pipeline Review, H1 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/79001/emphysema-pipeline-review-h1-2012.html ]

Pheochromocytoma – Pipeline Review, H1 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/79003/pheochromocytoma-pipeline-review-h1-2012.html ]

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Pipeline Review, H1 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/79007/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-pipeline-review-h1-2012.html ]

Auto Inflammatory Disease – Pipeline Review, H1 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/79016/auto-inflammatory-disease-pipeline-review-h1-2012.html ]

Thyroid Gland Disorders Pipeline Review, H1 2012
[http://www.reportstack.com/product/79028/thyroid-gland-disorders-pipeline-review-h1-2012.html ]

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