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Popular Cosmetic Procedure Shows Promise in Many Areas of Medicine

June 28, 2012

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — With summer upon us, the time is right for those who have unsightly hairs to consider depilatory (hair removal) options. Shaving and plucking are time-tested options for the patient. Waxing is a ubiquitous choice for hair removal as well, but patients have discovered laser hair removal in Los Angeles by the millions, and it’s now considered the wisest choice, mostly because it’s permanent, but also because it’s relatively painless, quick, and the cost is decreasing every day. But Renaissance Lase & Vein Institute in Thousand Oaks has begun to attract attention for receiving referrals from dermatologists who want their patients to try an unconventional, but effective, treatment method for a diverse array of symptoms like painful and debilitating ingrown hairs and pilonidal cysts.

Ingrown hairs are primarily caused by shaving. In fact they’re sometimes called “shaving bumps.” Shaving an area often encourages hairs to curl around and grow back into the skin causing bumps, and, in large quantities, rashes. A particularly bad case of ingrown hairs can leave the patient itching, or even in pain as the follicles get inflamed and sometimes become infected. Needless to say, the shaving of an area was meant to attract attention away from the hair follicles. Ingrown hairs can make the situation much, much worse.

The good news is that laser hair removal in Thousand Oaks attacks the problem of ingrown hairs on both fronts: prevention and treatment. As an alternative to shaving, laser hair removal doesn’t cause the irritation that leads to ingrown hairs that shaving has been known to cause, but even more so the treatment itself attacks and kills the ingrown hairs, and helps relive the condition.

The worst cases of ingrown hairs, however, lead to a condition called “pilonidal cysts,” which affect men more often than women, and are among the reasons laser hair removal is increasing in popularity among men. Pilonidal cysts form when the hair becomes ingrown, and then pressure is applied to the area (often from sitting) and a painful, sometimes large, cyst forms in the area. Often this condition arises near the coccyx in men, but it can also occur in other areas and in women. Laser hair removal in Encino is obviously not for treating these cysts, but for preventing them.

Of course, laser hair removal for both men and women of all ages is a popular and safe way of fighting hair and giving yourself more confidence and a better overall look at the beach this season. The absence of ingrown hairs and cysts is probably not on your mind, but if you do suffer from one of these conditions, ask your doctor for a referral to Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute.

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