New Technology Offering Relief for Those Suffering Dry Eye Available in Washington DC

June 28, 2012

The Doctors at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care recently became first in Washington DC area to offer Lipiflow, a new breakthrough offering relief for those suffering from dry, irritated eyes

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 28, 2012

Millions of people suffer quality of life issues related to dry eye syndrome. Most dry eye syndrome isn’t caused by lack of tears, as is commonly believed, but by a lack of the component of the tears that keeps them from evaporating too quickly. This type of dry eye is called “evaporative” dry eye and some studies suggest it is responsible for up to 85% of all dry eye problems. This is why adding moisture in the form of eye drops doesn’t always provide relief.

Evaporative Dry Eye has historically been difficult to treat, treatments limited to annoying repetitive applications of eye drops and/or warm compresses applied to the eyelids. These treatments offered limited relief from dry eye symptoms.

LipifFow is a new, non-invasive, FDA approved technology that offers relief to people suffering from the major cause of chronic dry eye with just one painless 12 minute treatment. During the Lipiflow procedure, the eyelid glands are gently heated and massaged. Some people compare it to a spa treatment for dry eyes. The majority of patients experience an improvement of dry eye symptoms with better eye comfort and more stable vision within days or weeks. For most people results can last for up to a year, and for some even more.

“Evaporative Dry Eye has always been a challenge to treat, and traditional treatments provide very limited relief” says Dr. Alan Glazier, CEO of Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care. Our patients suffer with no good options for relief, and our mission is to provide patients’ their desired outcomes. Without LipiFlow, we couldn’t do that, so the decision to be first in the region to implement the technology was a no-brainer. We have created a refuge for our patients who so desperately seek relief from this debilitating condition and can’t find it elsewhere”

According to the LipiFlow study, within four weeks, 79% of patients reported an improvement in dry eye symptoms that continued to improve. Patients saw a decrease in the use of drops and months later, some no longer needed drops at all.

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