Baby Riddle Offers Five Classic Ways of Predicting the Gender of the Baby for Pregnant Mothers who are Keeping their Baby’s Gender a Surprise

June 28, 2012

Many parents who are keeping their baby’s gender a surprise find excitement in predicting the gender of the baby. Baby Riddle shares five classic ways to try and guess if the baby will be a boy or a girl. http://babyriddle.com

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) June 28, 2012

Whenever someone announces that they are pregnant you can be sure of one thing that is a certainty to happen. That is, all the people claiming that they know of ways to tell what gender the baby will be. Baby Riddle, an online company that caters to pregnant women who are keeping their baby’s gender a surprise, shares five classic ways of predicting the gender of the baby.

All of these gender prediction tests are perfectly harmless and are most of the time based on some old wives tale that has been passed down over the years. They can however be a lot of fun to play around with.

There are loads of people out there who think they are the ultimate baby predictor at the end of the day everyone has a 50/50 chance of getting it right and some are luckier than others. Here is a look at some of the methods that people use as gender prediction tests.

1)    Ultrasound

Of course the easiest way to find out about the gender of a baby is to simply wait around 20 weeks and get an ultrasound or sonogram.

2)    High or Low

One popular one is how a person is carrying a baby, people will swear that if you are carrying a baby low and out front that you are having a boy, where as if you are visibly pregnant from the back and carrying high then you are having a girl. Many people still to this day stand by this method and use it as a baby predictor. Of course scientists have debunked this as some old superstition but it can be fun.

3)    Soccer Player or Mellow Yellow

How active you´re baby is can also be used as a gender prediction test. If your child is always active kicking, doing somersaults and other gymnastics in the womb, then there can be no doubt that it will be a boy. If you have a more relaxed child in the womb then it will be a girl. Of course scientists have said that a baby´s activity in the womb is directly attributed to the mother´s activity.

4)    Ring Test

Another old wives tale is that of the ring test, you hold a ring on a piece of string over you´re baby bump and watch for how it swings. If it starts to swing from side to side then you are having a boy, where as if it swings in a circular motion then you better paint the walls pink because you are having a girl.

5)    Ancient Chinese Calculator

One more form of a baby predictor is the Chinese gender calculator you calculate your age at conception with the number of the month you conceived. If the result is an odd number then you are having a boy, but if it is even then you are having a girl.

Of course these are all for fun and they really do no harm to you or your unborn child. More gender prediction tests are out there that also can be a lot of fun to try out, just make sure that they are safe and do not involve anything dangerous.

About Baby Riddle:

Baby Riddle was founded by a registered nurse and an entrepreneur. The nationwide online company is based in the United States. The company carries extremely cute baby clothes and also has a great service for women who are keeping their baby’s gender a surprise. Baby Riddle created a solution to keep the baby´s gender a surprise: Have an unbiased third party send the gender-specific clothes right at the baby’s due date.

Find out more by visiting Baby Riddle:

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