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Polish Medicine Attracts Patients From Abroad – Not Only During EURO 2012

July 4, 2012

WARSAW, Poland, July 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

EURO 2012 was a great opportunity for the promotion of Poland. Favourable opinions of
fans and tourists will contribute to reinforcing a positive image of Poland and facilitate
the promotion of Polish medical facilities as a part of the project implemented by the
Consortium made up of PAIiIZ, EuCP, AMEDS.

Some of the facilities participating in the project looked after guests during
football matches. Today we can say that EURO 2012 was safe for players and fans. According
to the representatives of the medical facilities tending to guests of EURO 2012: “Usually
these were minor injuries, like twisting crurotalar joints, upper respiratory tract
infections and problems with cardiovascular system.”

There is no doubt, that the market of medical services in Poland is yet to be
discovered by foreign patients. That’s why activities planned as part of the project
include the preparation of modern promotional tools, an international ad campaign,
participation in fairs, organization of trade missions and study tours of journalists and
sector representatives.

Most medical tourists in Poland come from Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Great Britain
and the US, with dental services, plastic surgery, neuro- and cardiosurgical as well as
orthopaedic treatments being the most popular. Patients enjoy visiting Polish wellness,
spa and health-resorts too, since they are famous for their unique climate and great

A growing interest among foreign patients in the Polish medicine stems not only from
lower prices, sometimes even by 80 percent compared to Western Europe and the US, but also
from an easy access to the world class specialists and high quality services. Poland has a
chance to become an important player on the global market. The launched promotional
campaign will surely contribute to increasing the number of medical tourists in Poland.

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