HealthyAnswers.com Warns of Summer Travel and Development of Blood Clots

July 20, 2012

HealthyAnswers.com is a publisher and a leader in providing current natural health information on their website. Along with thousands of archived articles on health related issues, they also offer a complimentary health newsletter, quality nutritional solutions, and self improvement books. HealthyAnswers.com warns of summer travel and the development of blood clots.

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) July 20, 2012

In a recent newsletter article, HealthyAnswers.com related the danger of developing blood clots during prolonged travel. Sitting inactive for hours at a time in a car, plane, or train can cause blood to pool in legs and form clots. They also report other factors that increase the risk of developing blood clots during travel and other times. These include wearing too tight jeans that compress leg veins; becoming dehydrated — too little water can cause blood volume to decrease and clot; too little exercise.

HealthyAnswers.com offers these suggestions to prevent blood clots when traveling: Walk to the restroom once an hour; drink enough water, take Omega-3 rich fish or krill oil and Vitamin E capsules to thin blood. Limit salty foods, and elevate legs if possible.

HealthyAnswers.com resident medical expert, Mark Rosenberg, M.D., explains more about blood clots: “Symptoms of a blood clot may go unnoticed initially or passed off as a stiff calf, arm, or muscle from inactivity. If there is also swelling, redness or warmth, a blood clot may be present. If shortness of breath develops, a blood clot may have moved into the lungs and could be on its way to the heart. Further symptoms would be chest pain, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, coughing, fainting. Getting medical attention is critical to prevent heart attack, stroke, or even death.”

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