VITAL VITIES Vitamins For Dogs and Cats Celebrates 5 Years Fighting Cancer, Diabetes And More

July 20, 2012

VITAL VITIES, vitamins for dogs and cats, celebrates 5 years helping to prevent cancer, diabetes, and more, providing essential nutrients to promote health as pet disease incidence continues to grow.

Clearwater, Fl (PRWEB) July 20, 2012

VITAL VITIES, vitamins for dogs and cats, celebrates 5 years helping prevent cancer, diabetes, joint pain, and more as disease in pets continues to rise. Designed by the highly acclaimed holistic and integrative veterinarian, Dr. Deva Khalsa, VITAL VITIES contain human quality disease-fighting phytonutrients from super-foods in addition to generous portions of complete, balanced vitamins and minerals to promote health in dogs and cats.

Dr. Khalsa knows first-hand the frustration pet owners experience trying to get their pets to eat all the healing foods, vitamins and minerals they need. Her cat and dog vitamins are prepared with her cutting edge formulation technology that utilizes natural flavoring to mask the vitamin taste and prevent oxidation, making a delicious treat even the most finicky eater will demand.

The National Cancer Institute estimates a population of over 65 million dogs and 32 million cats in the United States with roughly 6 million new cancer diagnoses made in dogs and a similar number made in cats each year. Other diseases on the rise in both dogs and cats include diabetes, arthritis, chronic infection and allergies.

The controversy that dog food causes cancer continues to be debated. Interestingly, cancer in both people and pets has risen in tandem with the rise in processed foods eaten by both. Humans are eating literally tons of chips, fast foods and frozen dinners while our dogs are eating super-heated and super-compressed kibble which is, in fact, even worse than the super-processed human foods.

“It´s not that easy to know what to feed our pets long term to keep them healthy. And then there is the additional challenge of getting our pets to eat what´s good for them. I am successfully able to help pets and pet owners with this on a daily basis in my practice and the challenge became how to reach more pets than I could personally see. The honest truth is that it´s much better and less stressful to have our dogs and cats stay healthy. That was my ideal goal; to help dogs and cats live healthier, happier, longer lives. So I designed VITAL VITIES,” says Dr. Khalsa.

About Dr. Deva Khalsa VMD, CVA, and FBIH

Dr. Deva Khalsa, VMD, CVA, and FBIH, is one of the leading holistic and highly acclaimed integrative veterinarians in the world and has been named the “Miracle Worker.” In 1981 she earned her VMD from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Khalsa immediately began evaluating, embracing and integrating the most beneficial elements of health and healing traditions known the world over and soon began developing her own highly effective protocols. She is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA), a Professor and Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy (FBIH) and she holds additional certification in Prolotherapy, NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) and JMT (Jaffe-Mellor Technique). Her practice in Bucks County was considered one of the most successful and effective holistic veterinary practices in the world.

Her early success lead to an invitation to be the keynote speaker at the First International Conference for Veterinary Homeopathy at Oxford, England, in 1986 and she has continued to be an international lecturer for over 25 years.

She is the author of “Dr. Khalsa´s Natural Dog” (BowTie Press, 2009) and co-author of “HEALING YOUR HORSE: Alternative Therapies” (Howell Book House, 1993).


VITAL VITIES by Deserving Pets, Clearwater, FL were designed by Dr. Deva Khalsa VMD, CVA, and FBIH in 2007 and are the culmination of 30 years of training, experience and effective protocols to promote health in dogs and cats. They are created in a FDA certified facility using all natural human grade ingredients consisting of phytonutrients from super-foods, generous portions of complete, balanced vitamins and minerals for support on a cellular level to help boost the immune system and maintain health. The VITAL VITIES´ motto is “You won´t believe how good they look on the outside. They´ll sure know how good they feel on the inside.” For more information or to order visit http://www.deservingpets.com.

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