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TeNS Medical Services: Blogging for a Pain Free Future

July 23, 2012

SUTTON-IN-COLDFIELD, England, July 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

New Blog from TeNS Medical Services Educates on Important Health Issues

TeNS Medical Services are delighted to announce the launching of their new blog, which
will provide information on health issues with special focus upon drug free pain relief
and respironics equipment. The blog comes as TeNS adds the latest addition to the Phillips
range of mains powered nebulisers, the Inspiration Elite, to its catalogue.

TeNS Medical Services has become a household name thanks to their work on pain relief.
They specialise in TENS machines, which are an effective, drug free method for reducing
and relieving pain. TENS machines work by generating a low voltage electrical current that
is transmitted to your skin surface via electrodes. These electrodes should be placed
closed to the source of pain whereby the pulsing electrical current will soothe your pain.
TeNS offer a wide selection of TENS machines at every price point and also offer machines
for hire too.

Along with TENS machines
[http://www.tens.co.uk/acatalog/TeNS_For_Standard_Applications.html ], TeNS offers a wide
range of other drug free pain relief solutions, such as ultrasound devices from the market
leader Novasonic, Interferential machines as well as the modern and effective Microcurrent
machines. Microcurrent treatment involves the sending of very small and very precise
electrical currents directly into the effected cells. These currents stimulate the
production of energy in the cell and boost the healing process. This means that
Microcurrent can be used to help speed up the healing process for all forms of injury from
arthritis to ulcers and sports injuries to broken bones. It also helps to reduce swelling
and inflammation.

As well as drug free pain relief, TeNS specialises in nebulisers to deal with
respiratory problems. Nebulisers administer airborne medication, in vapour form, directly
to the patient’s lungs. The latest addition to the range is the Phillips Inspiration
Elite. TeNS are delighted that the Inspiration Elite’s compact, modern design has been
added to the selection of nebulisers already available, as the range of options for
patients grows. Nebulisers are available from Phillips Respironics, Clement Clarke, Flaem
Nouva and De Vilbiss, offering a choice of different nebulisers in both compressor and
ultrasonic form.

TeNS also offers products for more general health issues such as body muscle toning,
glucose and cholesterol meters, migraine and cluster headache relief as well as a full
range for childbirth needs. This includes pelvic stimulators to maintain the health of
pelvic muscles after childbirth, preventing symptoms such as urinary incontinence as well
as birthing balls for use during childbirth.

The New TeNS Medical Services [http://www.tens.co.uk ] blog will bring you all the
latest in drug free pain relief and medical news and advice. With articles written on
subjects from pain relief during labour to mistakes made when performing pelvic floor
exercises, the blog aims to educate and inform its readers about all the latest from the
medical world. TeNS is an approved supplier to the NHS and healthcare professionals,
bringing top quality products to the market for consumers as well as the professionals.

About TeNS Medical Services

Located in Sutton Coldfield, TeNS Medical Services supplies medical equipment to
hospitals, GPs and clinics, especially in the Midlands area. As a family business, they
are committed to and proud of their old fashioned values and are open for visitors at all
times. As a specialist provider, TeNS also provides on-going specialist support for every
item sold and also offer discount schemes for groups and societies.

If you require more details on drug free pain relief, TENS machines

[http://www.tens.co.uk/blog ] or nebulisers, then get in touch via telephone


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