Workout Confusion Myth Exposed by Dr Steve Young

July 25, 2012

Dr. Steve Young, of Body Solutions, Inc., is an expert in physiology and says any Muscle Confusion workout program is likely to be just a marketing tactic.

Cherry Hill, NJ (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Dr. Steve Young, DPT is announcing a PSA video on YouTube to discuss the “Muscle Confusion Myth.” Dr. Young, who is the director of Body Solutions, Inc. in Cherry Hill, NJ, has studied physiology and hopes his video will help people understand that a structured plan is the key to a “ripped” body.

“In my opinion a Muscle Confusion workout go against everything I learned in physiology,” Dr. Young said. “For example, a muscle shouldn´t be ‘confused’. It goes against the nature of how our bodies work. Simply put, a person looking for a great body has to put in the hours to get it. MMA fighters train at my gym in Cherry Hill. They all know that if you want to get defined muscles then you have to follow a timely diet and workout program.”

eHow.com defines Muscle Confusion as follows: [sic] Muscle confusion workouts operate under the theory that by constantly changing movements, the body will be forced to respond. “The name is a marketing gimmick,” claims Dr. Young. “In theory, doing different exercises, such as a heavy day and a light day, works. Altering between cardio and weight training works. There is no muscle confusion in doing this, but these types of altered regimes have been deemed as Muscle Confusion workouts- workouts that some people are willing to pay more for!”

Dr. Steve Young is available to speak with qualified members of the press on the “Muscle Confusion Myth” and how some gyms are raking in the cash based on the name and convoluted premise. More videos by Dr. Young, on various fitness topics, can be accessed by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/user/drsteveyoung?feature=watch

Other than serving as the director and owner of Body Solutions, Dr Steve Young also is the creator of Body Readiness Ranking System – a patent pending approach to fitness. More information on Dr. Young can be viewed by visiting his website, http://drsteveyoung.com.

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