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15th International Institute for Restorative Practices World Conference Begins Wednesday in Bethlehem, PA

July 31, 2012

BETHLEHEM, Pa., July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Graduate School is hosting its 15(th) World Conference, “Building a Worldwide Restorative Practices Learning Network,” from Wednesday, August 1, through Friday morning, August 3.

The conference includes keynote addresses and “break-out” presentations by practitioners and researchers from across the world who are employing restorative practices to:

  • Reduce crime, violence and bullying
  • Improve human behavior
  • Strengthen civil society
  • Provide effective leadership
  • Restore relationships
  • Repair harm

Participants will share their knowledge and achievements and find encouragement and advice.

Keynote addresses:

  • Building Campus Community: Restorative Practices in Residential Life, with Stacey Miller, director of residential life at the University of Vermont
  • FGC/FGDM as a Transition from Prison in Hungary, with Vidia Negrea, director of the Community Service Foundation of Hungary
  • Whole-School Change Through Restorative Practices, with IIRP instructor Steve Korr
  • Restorative Practices in Neighborhoods in Lima, Peru, with Jean Schmitz, director of the Latin American Institute for Restorative Practices
  • Building a Worldwide Restorative Practices Learning Network, with IIRP president and founder Ted Wachtel

Some “break-out” presentations include:

  • Restorative Practices in a Traumatized School Community
  • Using Restorative Practices to Improve Business Results
  • A Restorative Justice Workshop at SCI Graterford Prison
  • Integrating Restorative Practices in Corrections, Family, Youth and Social Work Settings
  • Responding to Harm in Faith Communities
  • Relationships and Results: How Schools and Families Are Coming Together to Achieve Success
  • Conferencing of Serious and Complex Cases
  • Implementing and Sustaining Restorative Services in Neighborhoods and Communities

Schools throughout the United States and Canada, including those in New York City, San Francisco, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Toronto are implementing restorative practices, with instruction provided by the IIRP Graduate School.

More information is at: iirp.edu/15th-iirp-world-conference.

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