HealthyAnswers.com Reports The Many Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

August 3, 2012

HealthyAnswers.com is a publisher and a leader in providing current natural health information on their website. Along with thousands of archived articles on health related issues, they also offer a complimentary health newsletter, quality nutritional solutions, and self improvement books. HealthyAnswers.com reports that the Mediterranean Diet has many excellent health benefits.

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 03, 2012

In a recent article, HealthyAnswers.com explains what´s behind the amazing health benefits of the diets of the several cultures that surround the Mediterranean Sea. Though the peoples of those cultures have been eating these diets for centuries, it´s only recently that health researchers have begun to analyze ℠The Mediterranean Diet´ for its beneficial effect on human health.    

Mark Rosenberg, M.D., one of HealthyAnswers.com´s resident medical experts details some of these benefits: “The peoples who live around the Mediterranean — the Arabic, French, Greek, Italian, and Spanish — all have very low rates of heart disease, certain cancers like breast and prostate, and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson´s and Alzheimer´s. Recently, health researchers began to look for the reason why and found that they all had a similar diet in common. Their diets are rich in seafood and olive oil (high Omega-3 and monounsaturated fats); high in antioxidants — from cooked tomato products (lycopene, Vitamin A and C) and vegetables like zucchini and peppers; high in whole grain products (fiber and B vitamins); and high in red wine (high resveratrol content lowers blood sugar and boosts immune system).”

Dr. Rosenberg continues to relate, “Their diets use very little red meat substituting legumes (chick peas and nuts) and fish and chicken for protein; eat fairly low-fat dairy products like mozzarella and feta cheese and fermented foods like kefir and yogurt (probiotics boost immunity). They also use a lot of high antioxidant spices like oregano, parsley, turmeric, garlic, and rosemary to flavor their foods. In addition, they all share very close relationships with friends and family — something medical science has also recently proven to be beneficial to physical and mental health.”

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