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The Oley Foundation Commemorates HPN Awareness Week, August 5-11

August 6, 2012

ALBANY, N.Y., Aug. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The Oley Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of patients dependent on home parenteral nutrition (HPN) and tube feeding, today announced its second-annual observance of HPN Awareness Week, August 5-11. HPN is nutrition received at home through an IV by those with digestive disorders that cannot absorb enough nutrients from a typical diet to survive. This dual-purpose initiative is designed to spread the word that HPN consumers can not only survive, but also live a full life, and to shed light on some of the challenges these individuals face in their daily lives.

“The Oley Foundation is calling upon all of its members to support HPN Awareness Week and to help give thousands of consumers that depend on home feeding the confidence to live enriched and fulfilled lives,” said Joan Bishop, executive director of The Oley Foundation.

The second annual week-long observance centers on promotional efforts from Oley members, their family and friends, as well as healthcare providers. A host of resources supporting HPN Awareness Week listed below can be found on the organization’s website, www.oley.org.

  • The official HPN Awareness Week logo, which can be shared via Facebook;
  • Buttons for distribution to colleagues, friends, and family members; and
  • The observance’s official poster.

HPN consumers are also encouraged to make the most of traditional and social media platforms. They are urged to contact local newspapers and TV/radio stations to share their stories and may upload videos to YouTube blog about their experiences, or join discussions on social networks, such as Facebook and Inspire. In addition, consumers and their supporters are encouraged to contact their local elected official to gain public recognition for the observance in their area.

“Having relied on HPN for more than 37 years, I am living proof that you can still make the most of life, despite the challenges of treatment,” said HPN consumer Don Young. “Over the years, I have been able to remain active outdoors by caring for my property and as a long-time contributor to my community I have been active in local government, coaching, and other forms of public service.”

About Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN)

Sometimes a person cannot receive enough nutrients from the food they eat because of a severe gastrointestinal (GI) disorder that impairs their ability to swallow food, move food along the GI tract or absorb nutrients from the food. In such cases parenteral nutrition (PN) may be necessary. PN is a liquid that is delivered intravenously, which bypasses the GI tract entirely, to circumvent the digestive process. Some patients receive PN in a hospital setting, but many administer it themselves at home, which is known as HPN. Usually this infusion takes place at night so that during the day the person can be free of tubes and pumps and is able to maintain a normal life. While some are on some form of PN indefinitely, others only need several months of nutritional rehabilitation and thereafter can maintain themselves by ordinary food.

About The Oley Foundation

The Oley Foundation enriches the lives of those requiring home intravenous and tube feeding through education, outreach and networking and provides its 12,000 members with critical information on topics such as research, health insurance, and medical advances. The Foundation is also a source of support, helping consumers on home tube and IV feeding overcome challenges such as their inability to eat and altered body image. All Oley programs are offered free of charge to consumers and their families.

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