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Overcoming Neck And Back Pain

August 9, 2012

NEW YORK, Aug. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The world of back pain and neck pain is vast. Sufferers are in the hundreds of thousands and the causes of back pain and neck pain vary significantly from one patient to the next. At Manhattan Sports Therapy, Dr. Rolland Nemirovsky focuses on delivering back pain relief to those musculoskeletal pain symptoms from herniated discs, bulging discs, or other chronic back problems.

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Dr. Nemirovsky built his comprehensive New York City (NYC) sports medicine and NYC pain management practice around his spinal expertise in sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, and chiropractic care. “We treat a spectrum of sports injuries and physical conditions including sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ, and headaches,” he says, “but one area where we have the greatest impact is in restoring quality of life for back neck pain sufferers.

When it comes to highly coveted pain relief, Dr. Nemirovsky shares three important treatment facts.

Hands Help
Chiropractors and spinal specialists like Dr. Nemirovsky rely on years of proven, hands-on therapies for chronic wear and tear and acute injuries to soft tissues and joints. Proper diagnosis of back problems and neck issues requires the expertise in the spine and the body’s entire kinetic chain. “Pain moves through the body in interesting ways,” says Dr. Nemirovsky, “A neck herniated disc may cause arm pain or numbness. Back pain might be the referred result of problems with gait. In contrast, an imbalance in the back can actually present as leg pain or performance impairment.”

Dr. Nemirovsky specializes in the most accurate diagnosis of spinal conditions and the latest, conservative therapies to treat the root cause of each symptom.

Surgery Second
“Unfortunately, patients often suffer for years before they seek medical advice for back or neck pain. We understand that by the time they walk through our doors, they’ve had enough of their pain,” Dr. Nemirovsky sympathizes.

Manhattan Sports Therapy works to emphasize the drastic benefits of early intervention for back and neck pain relief. “What’s more,” he says, “for a large number of sufferers surgery can actually be avoided with early, regular treatment. A more conservative, hands-on approach can yield life-changing results.”

Better Bounce-Back
“For some patients with severe back conditions, surgery is answer,” acknowledges Dr. Nemirovsky, “but it’s important not to overestimate the power of back surgery or underestimate the recovery process.” Patient recovery from herniated disc surgery can be significantly optimized with pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

Dr. Nemirovsky works closely with surgeons to design a preparation and recovery plan best suited to each patient’s condition and surgical procedure. Priming joints and soft tissues readies the body for surgery, and also preps the patients for what recovery may entail. And since surgery isn’t a miracle, physical rehabilitation after surgery is vital to success.

If you suffer from debilitating back and neck pain or other sports injuries or chronic conditions, Manhattan Sports Therapy can be your dependable partner in recovery. Only the most effective and advanced treatment modalities are used to facilitate patient recovery and optimize future performance. Visit www.manhattansportstherapy.com or call 212-310-0100 to learn more today.

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