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ChemAxon Announces New Version of chemicalize.org for Tablet PCs

August 14, 2012

BUDAPEST, Hungary, August 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

ChemAxon [http://www.chemaxon.com ], a leader in providing chemistry software for the
biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, announces that its free, open access,
web-based chemistry search and extraction service, chemicalize.org
[http://www.chemicalize.org ], is now supported on touchscreen tablet PCs including Apple
iPad and Android devices. This new version provides users with high resolution
chemically-intelligent web search and extraction on the move.

Powered by ChemAxon technology and used by scientists worldwide, chemicalize.org
[http://www.chemicalize.org ] identifies chemical names (SMILES, InChI, traditional and
IUPAC names) on websites, in text and PDF files, converting them to 2D structures.
Researchers can also calculate and explore a range of structure-based properties, search
by structure in the ever expanding chemicalize.org [http://www.chemicalize.org ]
knowledge-base, and search the internet to find all websites citing a particular chemical

The new chemicalize.org [http://www.chemicalize.org ] features:

        - higher resolution images for "Retina"-type displays found in the iPhone 4,
          iPad and new Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and SIII,
        - the ability to focus on the most relevant information/properties when
          accessing from a mobile device,
        - Home Screen shortcuts for rapid access, and
        - user interface controls and performance optimized for tablets and smartphones.

To try for yourself visit http://www.chemicalize.org

To discover more about how ChemAxon’s leading edge cross platform solutions power
modern cheminformatics and chemical communication, please visit


About ChemAxon

ChemAxon [http://www.chemaxon.com ] is a leader in providing cheminformatics software
development platforms and desktop applications for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and
agrochemical industries. With core capabilities for structure visualization, search and
management, property prediction, virtual synthesis, screening and drug design, ChemAxon
focuses upon active interaction with users and software portability to create powerful,
cost effective cross platform solutions and programming interfaces to power modern
cheminformatics and chemical communication. The company is privately owned with European
headquarters in Budapest and sales and support offices in Europe, Japan and North America.

The ChemAxon logo is a trademark of ChemAxon Ltd. All rights reserved. All other
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