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Sunlighten Launches Signature® far infrared sauna Collection

August 15, 2012

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Aug. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Sunlighten has launched the new Signature Collection featuring the most effective far infrared saunas on the market with Solocarbon® technology, it was announced today by Connie Zack, Chief Sales Officer of Sunlighten.

Featuring the only clinically-tested far infrared technology available, the new Signature saunas offer far infrared health benefits at a low cost. Sunlighten’s Solocarbon® far infrared heaters are the only sauna heaters that have been clinically shown to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature, aid in weight loss, and have been proven 95% effective. Unlike generic carbon blend heaters, which are less than 75% emissive, Solocarbon heaters are 95% efficient at emitting far infrared heat, which is one of the reasons many doctors and leading wellness and clinical professionals throughout the US recommend Sunlighten over any other sauna brand.

Since its founding in 1999, Sunlighten has engineered products that are both effective and safe and the Signature® far infrared saunas feature Sunlighten’sproprietary heater design that virtually eliminates all traces of EMF (electric and magnetic fields) making them as safe as possible. The Solocarbon® heater panels contain a proprietary blend of materials that are 100% quality controlled by Sunlighten(TM) and are heat-sealed with no wires or glues used, ensuring no unhealthy gases are released during heating, making them the safest, clinically-tested technology available.

The Signature launch highlights Sunlighten’s 13(th) anniversary and continues their record of industry firsts. Signature saunas are the first saunas made from eco-certified cottonwood. Cottonwood is highly sustainable, extremely durable for commercial use and sourced in the United States. Complementing Sunlighten’s beautiful long-lasting craftsmanship and exclusive Magne-Seal assembly process for easy set-up, the Signature Collection also has reversible benches built from solid wood that are at least 10% deeper than the industry standard for maximum comfort and removable to create space for yoga or stretching. With their exclusive acoustic resonance therapy enhancement, which combines the healing effects of sound and vibration to balance the brainwaves bringing the body to a deeper state of relaxation, Signature saunas offer the ultimate far infrared sauna experience.

“Our new Signature Collection offers the most effective and safest far infrared technology available. With the versatility and options we offer, such as removable benches for yoga, biofeedback monitoring and acoustic resonance therapy, our customers can truly empower themselves to live healthier.” said Zack. “There is simply no better or more therapeutic far infrared sauna available on the market today.”

Sunlighten offers an exclusive online wellness community with biofeedback tools that allow users to track heart rate and calories burned during each sauna session and wirelessly send data to a personal wellness website – mySunlighten.com. Designed to help Sunlighten customers achieve their wellness goals with daily guidance, the wellness website allows users to track sauna sessions and cardiovascular activity, connect with other Sunlighten users, follow fitness plans with easy how-to-videos, plan meals and get nutrition advice and access free advice from Sunlighten wellness coaches.

The Signature sauna is available in 3 models – Restore, Renewand Revive- named after the detoxifying benefits they offer.

For more information about Sunlighten saunas, including emissivity, weight loss, blood pressure and other clinical effectiveness studies, visit the Sunlighten website at www.sunlighten.com.

Founded in 1999, Sunlighten(TM) (formally Sunlight Saunas) offers innovative wellness products that strengthen individuals’ health and vitality through sauna technology. Sunlighten infrared saunas help detoxify the body, provide pain relief, and have been clinically shown to reduce blood pressure and assist in weight loss. For more information and Sunlighten products, please visit www.Sunlighten.com.

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