Overconfidence Proves to Help Social Ladder Climbers; Coral Calcium and Hyaluronic Acid Helps with Climbing Ladders Literally

August 16, 2012

Inspired by a recent study showing that overconfidence is a beneficial trait for social and work interactions, Coral Calcium Shop releases benefits of Coral Calcium & Hyaluronic Acid to physical well-being.

(PRWEB) August 16, 2012

According to a new study recently recorded in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, “overconfidence” actually helps people to climb the social ladder, often leading to promotions which may be beyond their competency levels. Medical News Today reported on the study, defining overconfidence as “falsely believing oneself to be better than others”, which leads to benefits in both social settings and the work environment. This anomaly proves that having an overconfident mindset may actually provide tangible benefits for people looking to increase their work performance or social skills.

Although climbing the social ladder is important, having the physical mobility and functionality to climb an actual ladder is much more crucial. In the study on how overconfidence affects social interactions, many were able to rise above people with higher competencies than themselves because of their confidence. However, when it comes to actual physical well-being, confidence does not play into the ability to perform a task or not. For this reason, Coral Calcium Shop is releasing the benefits of Coral Calcium & hyaluronic acid in order to raise awareness about their health benefits to conditions that no amount of confidence could overcome.

Products that contain coral calcium, derived from dead coral reefs, as well as the unique ingredient hyaluronic acid, are proving to help people with physical well-being. Although overconfidence may give people that boost in their social life they may be looking for, coral calcium is a known treatment for many common ailments, and promotes overall health. Coral calcium is thought to provide health benefits from people suffering from things as simple as headaches and muscle cramps, or as severe as diabetes or heart disease. As all forms of calcium are beneficial to joint and bone health, coral calcium is speculated to have a positive effect on human joints as well. Beyond this, hyaluronic acid acts as a lubricant to joints and muscles, allowing the body to function at a higher potential. Products featuring coral calcium and hyaluronic will help people climb a literal ladder, versus the overconfidence that is now proven to help people climb the social ladder.

Coral calcium and hyaluronic acid both play a key role in the products distributed by Coral Calcium Shop, which gets their coral calcium from the Okinawa, Japan. The health benefits of the products go beyond the benefit of having a promotion at work or having more friends that overconfidence might allow–they keep bodies functioning more successfully for longer. In order to get more information about these products and their health benefits, visit http://www.coralcalciumshop.com.

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