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Dr. Feiz: the Only Choice for a Well-Informed Bariatric Surgery Patient

August 17, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — At the weight loss center of Dr. Michael Feiz (pronounced “phase”) & Associates, there are a number of differences that reassure patients, and win acclaim and testimonials. Dr. Feiz’s groundbreaking sleeve gastrectomy and LAP Band techniques have won him the praise of satisfied patients, and the admiration of other doctors. His almost completely scar-free technique, his high-tech instruments available nowhere else, and his impressive education all impress those seeking bariatric surgery. The enthusiasm of his happy patients attests to his efficacy.

As with before and after photos that illustrate the weight loss process, photographs of Dr. Feiz’s scar-free patients are really the best way to learn important and beneficial Dr. Feiz’s surgical precision is. Other surgeons leave patients hesitant to show off their thinner bodies because of the scars, but Dr. Feiz’s patients are comfortable in even the skimpiest of bathing suits.

In addition to precision, Dr. Feiz also give patients the benefit of micro-laparoscopic instruments available at no other surgical center in Southern California as of this writing. For most of Dr. Feiz’s patients, laproscopic instruments are the only tools that penetrate the skin. Most doctors use laproscopic instruments that are 10mm, or the approximate width of a soft-tipped marker. Dr. Feiz’z micro-laproscopic instruments are about 3mm, or about the width of a very thing chop stick.

To practice bariatric surgery at such an advanced level, Dr. Feiz needed a stellar university education from UCLA and USC, but that’s not where his education background stops. While many surgeons pursue a training course that lasts a couple of weeks at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, one of the most advanced hospitals in the world, Dr. Feiz joined a special program and stayed on for a full year of training there.

Less-invasive, hi-tech instruments, and training at the highest possible level bring Dr. Feiz’s surgical accuracy to a height that can’t be matched anywhere in southern California. In addition to accuracy, Dr. Feiz has the experience of hundreds of LAP Band, and Gastric Sleeve surgeries under his belt, as well as performing countless conversion operations to turn the band into the sleeve. In the wake of these operations are countless success stories from patients, whose testimonials can be all over the Internet. To further bolster his reputation, he has never had a mortality due to surgical complications.

Now that you have the information, if you’re seeking the LAP Band in Los Angeles or any other bariatric surgery, or if you’re recommending it to someone else, Dr. Feiz should be the only surgeon you consider. Learn more about Dr. Feiz & Associates at his website: www.drfeiz.com.

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